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MAC Fluidline: Blacktrack

Posted in MAC, Makeup by Jae on December 10, 2009

♥ Product:
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

Not my favourite gel liner.

♥ Classification:
Black Gel Eyeliner

♥ Suitable for:
Anyone, pretty much.

♥ Price: 
27.00 SGD? [I don’t remember, it’s been a while since I bought MAC]

♥ Available at : 
All MAC counters

♥ Packaging: 
Screw Top Glass Jar. 

♥ Look:
Black black black.

♥ Consistency:
Mine probably came from a bad batch, cause when I opened it, it had little clumps in it that’s typical of old Blacktrack.
The general consistency was pretty creamy though and went on pretty easily; it was a pain to clean off my brushes though. 

♥ Smell:
Mine was a really bad plastic smell from the pot cause mine was probably from a bad batch.

♥ How it worked on my skin:
It worked just okay.

I used it on both my lids and my waterline but neither stayed on for very long. On average:

Upper Lid: 5 hours before smudging without primer.
Waterline: 15 minutes before disappearing, starting from the outer corners of my eyes.

Not my favourite liner because it didn’t stay on my waterline as long as most girls claimed it would. It went on my waterline and went off by the time I finished doing my makeup and putting my shoes on.

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