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Maybelline Cream Liner [Brown + Black]

Posted in Makeup, Maybelline by Jae on December 17, 2009

♥ Product:
Creamy Gel Eyeliner By Eyestudio

A great gel liner for the uninitiated.

♥ Classification:
Black/Brown Gel Eyeliner

♥ Suitable for:
Anyone, beginners too.

♥ Price: 
19.50 SGD [I got mine for 10 bucks at the sale!]

♥ Available at : 
Watsons, John Little and Robinson’s etc.

♥ Packaging: 
Screw Top Frosted Glass Jar. 

♥ Look:
Brown: Glittery mocha brown.
Black: Black, black, black. 

♥ Consistency:
Awesomely creamy, it’s insane when you first use the jar; it does dry up pretty quick though it depends on how long you leave the jar open while you use the liner. Mine went a little difficult by the fifth month. 

♥ Smell:
Not much of a smell.

♥ How it worked on my skin:
It worked fabulous on my eyes.

It was my very first gel liner [I started using it after seeing it in the now defunct Cawaii! magazine] and if it was easy enough for me, it’s easy enough for anybody to use.

It’s insanely creamy and so incredibly easy to control, especially with their precision brush. Unfortunately, the brush will start to fan out after a while… I wish they would sell the brush separately.

I usually only use the brown to line the outer corners of my upper lids and not my whole eye because I favor extremely defined eyes.

Upper Lid: 7 hours before smudging without primer.
(It creates a third line for me sometimes if I had been out in the sun the whole day).
Waterline:  5 hours before disappearing, starting from the outer corners of my eyes.
(It gives me panda eyes sometimes, so I’ll have to clean it with a tissue)

One of the best liners I’ve ever tried! Here’s a picture of the brown!

And here’s a swatch of it!

Can you see the little glitters?
Highly recommended!

Here’s a picture I took as a demo of what I mean by lining only the outer corners!

Product List:
Kate Diamond Cut Eyes [BR-1]
Kate Gradical Eyes [WN]
MAC Blacktrack
Maybelline Gel Liner [Brown]


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