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K-Palette + Spring Heart EOTD

Posted in EOTD, K Palette, Makeup, Spring Heart by Jae on February 1, 2010

Hey there!

So sorry I haven’t been updating this blog properly for a while, I’ve been quite busy preparing for my partner’s birthday and haven’t had the time to come by here to post my newest finds… Seeing that I’ve got a little breather right now, I’m going to talk about my surprise find at Watsons today! 

It’s the K-Palette 24 Hr Eyeliner in Pink and Silver!
[The black one is still there but I’m looking at the pink one and being so tempted by it, I don’t know where to start.]

The pink liners are supposed to be the Limited Edition Winter Series version and the silver ones are also supposed to be another uh, limited edition version as well. The difference here is, well, the price and the packaging:

☛ Pink: 18.90 SGD @ Watsons
☛ Silver: 21.90 SGD @ Watsons

The pink one is actually cheaper than the original black version, but seeing that it hasn’t gotten many good reviews, I might pass on it after all and just get the original version – It’s supposed to be some breakthrough development in K Palette’s range of liners [at least, that’s what it says in Japanese on the package] but some girls have reviewed it and said that it’s not intense enough… Should I try it?

In the meantime, here’s what I wore out today! Spring Heart’s false lashes #01:

When worn:

Let me say this about them: Super duper natural. My partner didn’t even realize I was wearing falsies ; somehow I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing but in any case, for 7.90 SGD it’s a darn good price for the great eyeliner effect it gives.

It was really easy to put on cause of the spine, which had just the right amount of firmness to it for me to apply my lash glue on.

♡♡♡ Spring Heart False Lashes #01 ♡♡♡ 

Length: 2.5/10 [Girls that love length, steer clear of this pair.] 
Volume: 1.5/10 [Barely any volume]
 ✔ Ease of application: 9/10 [Excellent spine, in my opinion]

It didn’t really give the amount of volume that I really wanted for today but for a day to day look, I guess this will do.

*** Stay tuned for Spring Heart #02 and my Daiso Series~~~***


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