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The Daiso Lashes Series~ [No.14] EOTD + Ichi Tei Food Review + Urban Decay

Posted in Brand Launch, Daiso, Food, urban decay by Jae on February 7, 2010

Took a break from reviews for two days but I’m back~!

Yes, that’s a Suzy bear you see up there, my partner and I teamed up against the UFO catcher machine for it. =X It’s adorable!

Update #1:
Urban Decay is in Singapore~!  It’s at Sephora @ Ngee Ann City, so for those ladies who don’t yet know, GO GO GO! Half Baked and pigmented eyeshadows, HERE I COME!

They’re known for their Primer Potions [For eyes, especially. But they’ve recently gotten mixed reviews because it makes some girls’ eyes look wrinkly after a while, haven’t tried it myself though…] and their awesome eyeshadows because of how pigmented they are!

They used to only be available online through Sephora.com [that doesn’t ship internationally to begin with] and Nordstrome [that’s intl shipping prices are such wallet busters] but now it’s HERE IN SINGAPORE!

Update #2:
I realized that I haven’t yet posted on one of my favourite places to have lunch, you have to go there to try their fish at least once!

This is Ichi Tei at Sunshine Plaza! The shop is right opposite Parkway’s fried wanton place [that, by the way, serves some really awesome fried wanton at 3 bucks for 16 pieces, but I digress.]

I was just there this afternoon and really, their Saba Shio is to die for.

The mackerel is grilled in a Japanese styled oven [That’s heating source is above instead of below.] and served on a bed of shredded Japanese cabbage in a disposable bento. On the side, you’ve got rice [topped with some really great sauce that I can’t yet figure out what], kelp seasoned with sesame oil and sesame seeds and cold mashed potato mixed with Japanese cucumber shreds.

The fish retains most of its original flavour [read: fishy] without being too overpowering [my partner doesn’t fancy it so much though.] The outer skin of the fish is perfectly crisp and salty; the white meat is still tender under the skin and can be shredded really easily with chopsticks. It’s got this… Almost chewy consistency that gives me a kick every time I have it – each bite is flavorful and brilliantly juicy. Yes, I just said that fish is juicy and I’m not kidding about it.

I’d have it any day as a snack because it’s so tasty. Talking about it right now makes me crave it so much and I just had it this afternoon!

Update #3:
Here’s more from Daiso~! And by the way, I picked up two other boxes of lashes and cotton buds [again] when I was Daiso again yesterday! The crowd was HORRIBLE even though it was about 3 plus in the afternoon; then again, it was a Friday and Chinese New Year is coming soon, so I suppose everyone wants to get some last minute shopping in before the real rush comes in.

This is Daiso’s #14! I bought this pair cause I got tired of trying to fix my other similar pair from Darkness that I paid ALOT more for.

So I decided to try these out because my past few ones were either too much length and not much volume or no length and no volume…

They’re great for daywear because they’re not completely “Whoa! Volume!” or “Whoa! Length!”, just somewhere in between, which doesn’t really make it my ultimate pair cause though it did give volume, I hated the cut. They’re kind of too pointy, in a sense…

The lashes aren’t actually half as stiff as they look, surprisingly and were significantly more comfortable than my #04 pair. In fact, they sat nicely on my lids without much trouble aside from the usual “blockage of view” for the top of my eyes, which is normal for all super volume lashes.

Whether it was a case of bad placement for my #04s, I guess I’ll find out when I try them out again, though I’m not exactly keen on getting my lids poked again. The thing is, #14 doesn’t actually have that irritating extra tiny bit that some lashes have sticking out from each end. Those are the bits that cause the problem, that’s why I sometimes sit down with my boxes of falsies and snip the buggers off so they don’t poke my eyes out one day.

Same story with the shine though so it’s really obvious that I was wearing falsies [thank god there was no length to add on to that], but nowhere as bad as my Darkness ones. [OT: I’ve tossed my Darkness ones, I hate the way they not only looked fake, but sounded fake too – Yes, I call it, the Flick Test.]

The eyeliner effect is definitely there for this pair because it’s volume and the spine pretty much the same as #04 but this one’s a little bit stiffer because it has a lot more lashes on it. I didn’t have too much of a problem putting these on though I was in quite a rush that day…

♡♡♡ Daiso False Lashes #14 ♡♡♡ 

✔ Length: 4.5/10 [They don’t give very much length, honestly…] 
✔ Volume: 7/10 [Fab volume without being over dramatic for day wear!]
✔ Ease of application: 4/10 [They were much easier to apply cause the only thing I had to worry about was the spine.]
✔ Reusable? Definitely.
✔ Economical? Haha, 2 bucks a pair, babe, come on!

Great for those who want to go va-va-voom with volume without going over-the-top, but not so much for those who like length – these are just “eh” for that… 

Would I wear them again? Hmm, just maybe, cause the way the lashes were cut makes my lashes look too fake. [I swear, I’m so picky…] Do try them out and let me know how you when with them though!

Will be doing a review on Spring Heart’s #02 soon~~~ And oh, I also tried out using pieces of lashes to create more length and volume… That one didn’t turn out so well but I’ll post picture anyways, just to let you know what not to do 🙂


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