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Viva Glam Gaga + Cyndi!

Posted in MAC, Product Launch by Jae on February 10, 2010

I’ve got news for my SMUBbers~~~


Time to wham up the GLAM in VIVA GLAM! It’s a gaga-glamorous look at our abiding passion: The M·A·C AIDS Fund and the VIVA GLAM program are the heart and soul of M·A·C Cosmetics. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the sensational Cyndi Lauper and the electric Lady Gaga!

*** Released in America on Feb 10. ***

I called Raffles City, Isetan Scotts and Vivocity, all said no news of exact launch date but will be somewhere in March; NAC’s MUA said he had no idea.

The lipstick comes in the gorgeous red VIVA GLAM tube and has both Cyndi and Lady Gaga’s signatures on them.

The formulas + signature tubes are supposed to be part of a one year contract with MAC so they should technically be available all year round, but knowing us, makeup addicts, it’s going to get sold out and some are going to have to wait for new stocks.

This latest release comes in two colours, red [Cyndi] and pink [Gaga] and is in support of the AIDS fund – It’s beauty for a good cause, hey, I’m sold. 

I’m so after the Gaga lipstick because, you guessed it, it’s pink. I’ll let you know again when it really does hit stores~! I can’t wait for March!

Stay tuned!

Picture Credits: M.A.C Cosmetics.com

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