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The Daiso Series [#03] + Canmake blush collection

Posted in Daiso by Jae on February 11, 2010

Haha, I know I’ve been digressing for too long so here’s the review of one of my FAVOURITE pairs of lashes.

Yes, you read that right, I said the word “favourite”. -pointing at the picture above-

It’s the Daiso #3; You might think it’s similar to #4, but check out the difference in the both 🙂

#3 is on the left, #4 is on the right.

#4 is actually a lot longer than #3 and notice also that #3 looks a little thinner and maybe even brown.

This is not to say that the lashes are any less volumizing but realize that our human eyes have the ability to naturally blend colours, so full on jet black might be a little harsh in some cases.

And compared to #4, #3 looks incredibly natural on me.

See how natural they look especially when my eyes are closed? One of my friends didn’t realize I was wearing false lashes till my partner mentioned it. -laughing-

I give Daiso #3 top marks for length and for volume! They’re absolutely perfect for day wear.

I’ve also realized that while some lashes only look good from far away because of their length and volume, these lashes are pretty good both up close and far away. One of the other things that I also like about it is that the lashes are not crisscrossed at obscene angles. 

♡♡♡ Daiso False Lashes #3 ♡♡♡ 

✔ Length: 6/10 [It’s no drama, no fuss with these babies – Just the right length for me!] 
✔ Volume: 7/10 [Perfect amount of volume to emphasize and not overpower my natural eyes.]
✔ Ease of application: 7/10 [Totally one of the easiest to work with, honestly.]
✔ Reusable? Definitely.
✔ Economical? So worth the price, in my opinion. 

It’s the best one for me in terms of everything. Perfect volume, perfect length, perfect price. -laughing- for the first time? I’ve got no complaints.

Read my review for Daiso’s #4 HERE.


And oh yes, my Canmake blush collection:

Top row: Canmake Cream Blush in #03 and #05

Bottom row: Canmake Powder Blush in #05 and #16.

I originally grabbed a piece of the cream blush after reading about it on Yumeko’s blog. Just one. Which I thought was a pretty darn good job but then I kind of ended up picking a few more up after that. [Remember I told you about the offer at Watsons? I’m not one to pass up a good sale, unfortunately =X]

=X -laughing- they’re SO PRETTY.

I get this little feeling that #5 looks just that teeny bit like my NARS Orgasm but hey, just looking at this picture makes me so happy. -grinning-

I’ll probably be starting on them on Friday or Saturday -smiling-

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