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Posted in Candy Doll, Canmake, Daiso, Dior, Food, Lunasol, Makeup, mascara, Maybelline, NARS by Jae on February 14, 2010

Hey! -laughing- How’s it going so far?!

It’s Valentine’s and all that but I’m counting more red packets than I am chocolates [not that I’m complaining, frankly – what with my spending spree recently argh, I’ve been shooting holes in my wallet faster than I can plug the leaks] and honestly, I feel that it’s more Chinese New Year than Valentine’s, all in all. So I’ve decided to do something about love.

The makeup items I love =D

Row 1 [Down]: Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base, Candy Doll Loose Powder, MAC Hello Kitty Blush [Tippy]
Row 2:  Canmake Powder Cheeks, KATE Diamond Cut Eyes, Loreal 24 Hr Liner, Maybelline Gel Liner
Row 3: NARS Blush [Orgasm], KATE Gradical Eyes, Maybelline Volum Express, DIOR Extase, MM Neo Enamel, Daiso #3
Row 4 [Across]: Lunasol Under Eye Base, Darkness Falsies glue

-laughing- Never expected me to have so many favourites huh? Well the truth is, I use multiple products at once sometimes… I’ll use, say, 2 blushes or 2 mascaras, or 2 eyeshadow palettes.

Other than the Candy Doll Loose Powder and KATE Gradical Eyes palette that are only available in Japan, the NARS orgasm blush that’s only available in America and the Hello Kitty blush that’s limited edition, you’ll pretty much be able to get everything else locally.

I’m just going to go through a few product because I’m planning to do in-depth reviews of my other products anyways.

Haha, I use BB’s base because I like the smell of it. My partners says it smells like lemongrass.

Candy Doll. It’s the BEST loose powder I’ve used because it gives a flawless finish, it’s SO fine and it’s just the right shade for me too! And I really like its packaging… Black and white stripes, so simple and classy. It comes with this really cute almost velvet-like applicator that feels so good on the skin but I don’t use it… I use my Ecotools Blush Brush.

But you HAVE to try NARS!!! Their blush is the most awesome shade ever [And I really love the name too =X]! I don’t know how to explain it exactly but it’s sort of a peachy colour [when on me] that makes me look like I’ve been working out at the gym or under the sun for a while, so I look really healthy.

According to the reviews I read, most girls gets pretty good results from this blush but some have had it look splotchy and others have had allergic reactions to it, which explained my initial reluctance to try the product…

So there you have it! My FAVS! ♥♥♥

OT: I just ordered 3 boxes of Model21 lashes and I’m SO psyched about receiving them!!!

OTT: If you get a chance to? HAVE YUSHENG! Fish contains omega-3 that’s fab for your heart and, therefore, your skin too! Look at mine! No prizes for guessing what the only thing I took from the plate was.


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