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Posted in Fakes, MAC by Jae on February 15, 2010

I thought I’d take this post to talk about what I love talking about. Sprees.

-laughing- I’m bored with the sprees that have been on the various communities, quite frankly =X It’s always F21, ASOS, Old Navy… Yikes. =X But never mind repetition, I’m talking about something very serious today, fakes. Fake cosmetics, that is.

I’m sure you would have come across some form of fakes during your online shopping and perhaps may even have bought some fake makeup by accident [especially off eBay or what some would call e(vil)bay] and not be able to get your money back because the seller claims that “You didn’t ask if it was authentic” or “You should have checked it out before buying it”.

So since I’ve been duped into buying fake MAC [when the seller assured us authenticity but ah, I think we both know some types eh? -winks-] before, why not let you know about it too.

In this first picture, you’ll see what we call fake MAC Fluidline.

Now, this came from a preorder spree where the organizer gave us stock images from maccosmetics.com and claimed to have a supplier that has backstock that MAC won’t take back, thus the discounted prices. And my only words to that is… BS. MAC doesn’t leave stocks with suppliers for them to sell off on their behalf.

And notice the holographic effect on the box and the lack of actual form for the box as a whole. 

The original box is fully MATT BLACK for Fluidlines with no holes, no nothing.

Boxes should be fully black for Fluidlines, love. It’s MAC.

MAC’s barcodes are mostly stickers on the bottom of their boxes.

Yes, some fakes are shiny and sparkly all round.

At the bottom of this picture, you should already see the fake MAC Blacktrack pot. See how it doesn’t have anything stuck to the bottom? That’s a dead giveaway that it’s fake. Here’s a clearer picture of the fake:

The correct bottom looks like this:

It should come with its batch number printed on the bottom sticker and plenty of words on it with the name of the product and shade spelt correctly in English.

Jae’s Remark:
If it doesn’t come with a sticker and/or a batch number? It’s not authentic.

In this case, the blacktrack is A58, which means it was the first production of the month (A) of May (5) of 2008 (8). For more information about decoding MAC’s batch numbers, head HERE.

Now as for the front of the pot, it should be this:

Clear glass [not plastic] and round all round. No funny shapes or triangle business and it should be a screw on top that’s MATT!

And make no mistake, babe, MAC doesn’t dish out free little applicators for their Fluidlines.

See an applicator? FAKE FAKE FAKE.

See the word printed on top instead on on the jar? FAKE FAKE FAKE!

Jae’s Remark:
MAC is generous [VIVA GLAM] but not that generous [No free applicators] .

Toss it out, people! Don’t support the fake makeup industry because you never what will happen to your skin after that >_<


Jae’s Wrap Up:
#1: All MAC products have batch numbers.
#2: All MAC Fluidlines come in a round screw top glass jar. 
#3: All MAC Fluidlines come with the word MAC printed at the front of the jar.
#4: All MAC Fluidlines come in a somewhat square-ish rectangular-ish box. Not a flat out rectangle though. 
#5: All MAC Fluidlines come with their stickers and batch numbers at the bottom of the pot.
#6: No MAC Fluidline comes with an applicator. 
#7: Most MAC barcodes are stickers. 
#8: Don’t buy from eBay unless you are willing to risk it.
#9: Always ask your seller for pictures of the product and of the batch number.
#10: Don’t accept shaky pictures! 

The main message, just buy from the store la.

And oh yeah, Kiro and Keiko have a little something to say:

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  1. Maiara Viegas said, on March 3, 2011 at 9:52 am

    Hey, thanks for the post! I was about to buy one from ebay, but the seller was selling a square and the regular round box, i just googled square box to see if it was an old version, and your blog showed up. Thank God I read it first!

    • Jae said, on March 3, 2011 at 10:32 am

      Hey Maiara!
      No worries! I’m really glad this post saved you some money!!!

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