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K-Palette 24H Liner

Posted in Foot Petals, K Palette, MAC by Jae on February 17, 2010

First, let me OT and say: I’ve found my dream lip balm! It’s MAC’s tinted lip conditioner in Petting Pink and it tastes like sunscreen!!! -pleased-

I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating, here’s what I have for you today!

K-Palette 24H liner review! Yes I finally worked up the guts to use it… =D

MAC’S TLC!!!!!! IT IS SO GOOD cause it isn’t sticky or overly pink! -grinning- I’m tempted to get the whole range now. >_< Dang, I missed my chance to get Pink Fish and Popster from the Hello Kitty Series.

I picked these up at Watsons today when I was checking up on Dolly Wink. These are from Foot Petal and are called Back-Of-Heel cushions. They also are the most awesome things since toe cushions for pointe shoes.

Trust me, you have to have one of these if your shoes are as crazily “bitey” as mine. My feet are iffy [like me], so I get blisters very easily and these are my lifesavers because my blisters always happen at my achilles [no pun intended] and these are specially made for that area. The good thing about them? They don’t migrate [No pun intended, once again] but they have to be replaced every once in a while when they start to lose their shape.

They’re crazily expensive though… 10+ per pair.

On a side note, Dolly Wink’s a disappointment. No updates so far.

Now, on to K-palette Review:

Hmm. the brush tip is incredibly thin; so thin that upon first application, I got this:

Barely anything, so I had to layer on about 3 lines before I got anything decent:

It did feel a little bit stingy when it first went on but I suspect that’s got more to do with my discomfort with using a pen than the actual pen itself.

In terms of control, it’s not all that tough because it’s thicker than my gel liner brush but because it’s so thin, it can get irritating because I have to draw the line over and over again to get any blackness out.

When the day was out:

Removal was a pain for the first time, it’s awfully stubborn so you have to really cleanse to get it all off. Otherwise you’re going to wake up tomorrow looking like you’ve still got black liner on; which may not necessarily be a bad thing for the look but may not be good news for your lashes 🙂 

My final verdict on it? It stays, but if you want something that will show up very very well with just one application or if you’re in a rush and haven’t got the time to be careful? Skip this little one. It’s far too delicate for anyone used to seeing thicker gel liners on their lids.

Would I use it again? Maybe. But I’m not in a hurry cause my Loreal’s working just fine and I don’t like thin liners.

I got my eyebrows waxed today at Benefit’s Brow Bar @ Tangs. I bought a package with them cause I knew I’d need it. >_<  My skin is sensitive though, so it flares up and gets red and patchy afterwards so I always schedule it to be the last item of the day… Man I hate waxing.


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