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MODEL21 #17!

Posted in model21 by Jae on February 27, 2010

Yes, I’m back again after a one day break! =D Waaaa, the weather has been HORRIBLY HOT and I’ve been going crazy with the aircon counter. -laughing- I’ve been sitting in my room watching tv because it’s colder there XD [MY PARTNER GOT ME A FLAT SCREEN TV! ]

How’s things been for you?

I’m reviewing MODEL21’s #17 today~~~~ [Will be dealing with #7 maybe tomorrow =X hehe, it’s too similar to #3!]

-laughing- Can I admit that I was quite skeptical about these lashes because of the way they look just in the tray?

These are crisscrossed lashes and go from thinner individual lashes [I do mean strands XD] to thicker ones as it goes inwards out… The outer ends are supported by some significantly thinner strands but… Nope, they don’t do much for volume -disappointed-

They graduate from short to long at each side, so they definitely are designed to fit specific eyes. XD [Don’t follow my NG moment from EYEMAZING okay? >_<] On to pictures on eyes!

>_< I’m so sorry about the little bulge in the middle of my closed eye shot… This is one of the problems I always face with my false lashes when I use my glue -grinning- See the way the sides are still intact but the middle is the only part that came undone? Now, this is usually because of:

1) Not enough glue when the brush brushes across the lashbone during glue application
2) The shape of the original lashes.

To overcome this, I usually pile extra glue in the middle of the lashes before I apply them but I was rushing didn’t. XD

MODEL21 lashes are relatively easy to work with in terms of how soft it is and consequently the way it fits the shape of the eyes easily so this one was my fault. XD

I do like the way they gave some definition to my eyes but they seriously lacked the volume that I’d liked to have from my lashes so they’re not my favourite pair…

♡♡♡ MODEL21 #17 ♡♡♡ 

✔ Length: 5.5/10 [Nice length at the sides 😀 
✔ Volume: 3/10 [ARGH…. Not much volume at all… So disappointing >_<]
 ✔ Ease of application: 6/10 [They’re comparable to my MODEL21 #3~!]
✔ Reusable? -laughing- Yes! But I doubt I will be unless I pair it with another pair of lashes as well. 🙂
✔ Economical? XD For sure~!

My take on these lashes? It’s a very “Hmm…” pair because they would probably work better for people with “cat” eyes [read, upturned]… They really aren’t very suitable for my eye shape… To the back of my shelf they go. =X

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