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MODEL21 #3 VS MODEL21 #7!

Posted in model21 by Jae on February 27, 2010

Looky here! I’ve got comparison piccies for #3 vs #7! And I’m back so here I go with more!

First up, we’ll look at the two in their trays:

See how the strands for #3 is a lot thicker than #7? Here, check this next one out:

Yes… Here they are! [XD I even labelled them this time] Pretty cool huh? They’re pretty much exactly the same in that they are both crisscrossed design but #3 is far thicker [not denser] than #7! In terms of length, they are also about the same!

Heh heh, so there you go~~~ Just a short comparison of the two gorgeous pieces!

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