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MODEL21: #7 Lashes!

Posted in model21 by Jae on March 4, 2010

The long awaited MODEL21 #7 lashes!
[I’m doing this right after my 1500 word new report article so pardon my lacklustre tone, if any XD]

Well, first and foremost, they look an awful lot like my Daiso lashes so you guessed it, XD I went back to dig those pictures up for you to look at and compare. [I hate the way all my MODEL21 lashes bulge in the middle, I tell you.]

I’m loving all my closed eyed shots because of how natural the lashes look!

Hmm… They do look quite similar don’t they? Except that the crisscross in Daiso #3 is a lot more obvious and the lashes are a lot more stiff as compared to the MODEL21 ones. I somehow feel that MODEL21 lashes actually look a lot more natural as compared to my Daiso ones even though they cost lesser…

In terms of length between the two, they’re definitely comparable… -biased- But the lashband for MODEL21 is longer than the Daiso one…

I had no trouble at all with them once again -laughing- come on, they’re MODEL21! They’re comfortable as anything and definitely on my favourites list. My peeve is how spidery they look though… A little too sparse for my liking, quite frankly, because of the way that they placed on the lashband. I’m quite torn -laughing-

No difference in sides for these lashes but ah, I still like my MODEL21 #3s better cause these don’t give enough volume for my liking. Just not thick enough…. The individual lashes that is…

♡♡♡ MODEL21 #7 ♡♡♡ 

✔ Length: 4/10 [Not bad at all in terms of length… Very suitable for daily wear. 😀
✔ Volume: 2.5/10 [Not enough volume and I blame it on the fact that the individual lashes are too thin.]
 ✔ Ease of application: 6/10 [Not bad at all! And super comfortable too!]
✔ Reusable? For sure!
✔ Economical? -laughing0 you kidding?! Of course!

Not enough volume for my liking but pretty nonetheless… Would I recommend them? Hmm. Maybe, but I’m not that crazy over them so -laughs- 

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  1. […] might think they look similar to #3 but it’s nothing like MODEL21: #3 or MODEL21 #7 at all. Check my previous reviews out for comparisons~~~ And they are a lot longer than my Daiso […]

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