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MODEL21 : #4 False Lashes

Posted in model21 by Jae on March 12, 2010

Hey! How have you been?

Man, have you been out lately?

The weather’s been absolutely nuts recently, hasn’t it? There’s been haze, rain and sun and sudden rain in the middle of the day as well but the haze is the one that really gets to me… It smells horrid and makes my throat feel awfully scratchy so I’m really hoping that it will clear up soon…

Anyways, I’ve been putting off false lashes for a while to give my real lashes a break [It does affect the natural growth of your lashes by the way 🙂] but I’m settling back into my reviews and here’s my latest one of MODEL21’s #4 lashes!

Firstly, I have to repeat again, MODEL21 lashes’ lashbones are extremely comfortable because of how soft they are and this pair proved nothing other.

I was really excited about these lashes because they are supposed to be one of the bestsellers in the MODEL21 range but I was really disappointed with the outcome because of how long they are and since I’m always more interested in volume instead of length, these just don’t meet my mark.

Though natural, they looked a little bit spidery when I wore them and made my lashes look really really sparse… I looked like I had very very few lashes and that flipped me out. And oh yeah, they did make my eyes look really fake as well….

They look great from the side but nothing really good from the front in my opinion.

MODEL21 #4 lashes are crisscrossed lashes and are longer in the middle than they are at the sides. It’s supposed to help give the big eye effect but in my opinion, they really didn’t do very much for me.

You might think they look similar to #3 but it’s nothing like MODEL21: #3 or MODEL21 #7 at all. Check my previous reviews out for comparisons~~~ And they are a lot longer than my Daiso #3s as well…

Ah, but they do look almost exactly like my Daiso #4s [And I do mean almost a dead match] and I really didn’t like Daiso’s #4 very much either.

♡♡♡ MODEL21 #4 ♡♡♡ 

✔ Length: 7.5/10 [Almost too long for me to tolerate.
✔ Volume: 2/10 [It was really bad in this department and had the opposite effect instead.]
 ✔ Ease of application: 7/10 [Super easy 🙂]
✔ Reusable? Yup!
✔ Economical? haha, $0.69~~~

If you are more interested in length and are looking for something that helps enhance length and nothing else then these are for you but I’m staying away.

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