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theshespace Pigments + Swatches [Part 1]

Posted in theshespace by Jae on March 15, 2010

So they arrived a while ago and I was too distracted with my Ripe Peach and whatnot to really take a look at them XD

They took a really long time to get here because Heather [theshespace’s owner] had to deal with a lot of orders during this time period. Remember when I said they’re closing down? Yup! -laughing- So yes, it took over 2 months to get here and I would like to thank my dear spree participants for being so patient with me. >_<

Let’s go~!

Today, I’ll be revealing swatches of 3 pigments that I bought in full size, namely Stolen Soul, Lucky Charm, Bubble And Burn. [Yes, I see you twitching your eyebrows up wondering what the hell these could be.]

Stolen Soul is black + blue glittery bits that theshespace says is not glitter but tumbled mica.
Lucky Charm is black + purple glittery bits.
Bubble and Burn is black + yellow and gold glittery bits.

All of them are from theshespace’s Powdered Diamond Dust collection that consists of 6 pigments. =D [No, I’m not being paid to advertise so I’ll stop here.]

The pigments are rather fine so I’m quite happy with that!

You’re going to see swatches that were done dry and just one that was done wet, I’ll explain why later:

This is Stolen Soul and it does look really pretty in its pot. The site says that it’s supposed to be turquoise with black and yup, that’s exactly what it turned out to be: AWESOME. I love turquoise items!

-laughing- I should really go wax, right? Anyways, this one’s reallyyyyy pretty, I took it direct from the pot so don’t worry about it being from the lid [pigments that are on the lid some times pick up more glitter than if you were to pick it up from the pot itself].

It’s really wearable because it’s not garish and in-your-face-lots-of-glitter. The sparkly bits are really tiny so you won’t end up looking like a wayang opera singer. They sparkle a different type of blue with each tilt of my hand so I’m guessing Heather added more than one shade of blue into this mixture. I’ll be trying it on my eyes soon, so I’ll let you know what I think about them.

Next up, Lucky Charm!

Pretty purple with black… It’s supposed to be sexy but ahhhh…

It’s so difficult to catch the colour for this pigment because of my camera! >_< Darn iphone camera, but this would be the perfect time to show you the difference between a dry and wet swatch.

The one at the top is wet and the one below is dry! The difference in intensity is very distinct and frankly, it’s not very much colour at all when used dry.

Okay, this is the pigment I had a teeny bit of trouble with in terms of getting colour so I had to use it wet, only.

Hmm. It’s really pretty but the fact that I have to use it wet just… Makes it hugely inconvenient.

One thing to note by the way, don’t apply this if you don’t have a base because they rub off really easily. I swatched all the pigments on the back of my hand and could easily remove them with a swipe of tissue paper and I haven’t got a clue about fallout at the moment because I haven’t tried it on my face, give me a sec or a few. XD

For these pigments:

♡♡♡ Theshespace Pigments [Powdered Diamond Dust] ♡♡♡ 

Colour Pigmentation: 4/10 [Not unless it’s wet for this particular range.
Glitter Mania: 6/10 [Subtle.]
✔ Packaging: 9/10 [I’m great with screw top jars, but if you’re going to order samples, they’ll come in baggies! >_< Horrible!]
✔ Performance: 6/10 [It depends on which colour you order.]
✔ Live up to its claims? Uh, many people have raved about it before, but if you’re talking about this range, I have to use it wet and I don’t really like that.
✔ Economical? 2.50 per full sized pot… Hmm. it’s alright, I’d suppose!

If you’re looking for a lot of colours and can’t spend on MAC, then go to theshespace because they have a wide range.

The pigments are fine enough to be used and are mostly eye safe, so you can try them out without worrying. 🙂

Be prepared to wait though, cause she’s closing the store right now and is trying to get through a large number of orders. 

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