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Products Not Worth My Time [PNWMT]

Posted in MAC by Jae on March 20, 2010

-waving- Hey babe! -laughing-

Man, the week’s been absolutely insane for me with my assignments and lack of updates here in sunny and humid… I keep hitting walls cause everything’s stagnating on the makeup scene over at Watsons and the makeup counters…

Dolly Wink won’t be in till June, all the MAC collections will only start coming in next month… I saw launches like Lunasol’s new palettes and Guerlain’s lipsticks but nothing really jumps out to me, you know? And I hate to go over palettes after palettes that really aren’t worth our time… And you and I both know that some of these products just aren’t worth the price they are going at so I’d very much rather just throw them out or give them away.

Inspired by this, I’m going to start a new list right here on SMUB and I’m going to call it Products Not Worth My Time [PNWMT].


Now, before I begin, let me first say that these are my own opinions and are not representative of anyone else kay?

Here are my top three PNWMT!


MAC Blacktrack
Seriously. I know, if you’re a big BT fan, you’re probably readying your worst nail polish bottles to hurl at me but all I know, was that I plonked down almost 30 bucks for a product that worked no magic for me. It neither lasted nor was as black as I’d have wanted it to be. It had those disgusting bits and smelt like crap so yuck!

Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel
It smelt awesome, but because I have extremely sensitive skin, the “marvel gel” not only made me breakout but also gave my skin a lot of red patches that didn’t go away for a full week.

It’s claim to fame? “Zero Blackheads in One Step!”

Well, it’s “Zero Percent Success” with my skin. Clearly. I’ve asked a few other girls who tried it as well, but none of them had “Zero Blackheads in One Step”. My blackheads were still around after I tried it and thanks to that, I had to reorganize my entire skincare regime to let my skin heal.

Majorlica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss
Positively the worst lip gloss I’ve ever used. It smelt sickeningly sweet and was so sticky, my hair would actually stick on my lips and stay there until I use my hands to swipe it away. It’s that bad. MM recently launched a new tube gloss though and I think the Honey Pump Gloss is getting phased out altogether.

The worst part about these glosses is that after eating, if you forget you had gloss on and wipe your lips with the napkin sideways? You’re going to have a sticky around-the-mouth area for the whole day. And the smell just makes me feel so sick.


So there, just my top three for now… I’ll be adding more [Pray, no more, I’ve already got three items sitting around doing nothing.] but in the meantime, cleanse, tone and stay beautiful~! ♥

I’ll be heading over to Japan in April, so if you’ve got stuff you want to take a look at or products you want me to review, drop me a note right here and I’ll see if I can get to them okay? =D I’ve already got a list worth well over a hundred SGD

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