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MODEL 21: 4a

Posted in model21 by Jae on March 25, 2010

-grinning- ah yes, false lashes… XD This one is supposed to be a new release but it gave a rather… “Hmm” sort of effect for me, let me explain why.

I received these lashes just yesterday evening and when I ripped them open, I was super hyped by what I saw. I really like MODEL21 lashes because of how they look but in this particular case, I’m not exactly very sure I should wear the lashes as a full piece.

Check my pictures out.

I’m a sucker for volume, but nope, I don’t exactly think they do much for volume here… -makes a face- And I was really hyped about them too. Argh.

Notice that they have that usual long in the middle and short at the sides design that is supposed to help enhance the size of your eyes? Well, in this case, it might be my undoing because of how long it is. It gives my eyes that very… Pointy, sharp lashes sort of effect that I really hate, so here’s my plan, I might try cutting it into two and piling them on at the outer corners of my eyes -grins- stay tuned for that, love!

Jae’s Note:
-laughing- I know, I know. I can be really hard to please, can’t I?

Judging from my pictures, some of these lashes actually look alright and sometimes, really good, but really, here’s the thing, when you see them on a face, that view is different. 🙂 

♡♡♡ MODEL21 #4a ♡♡♡ 

✔ Length: 7/10 [It actually is alright, just that I’m picky with length.
✔ Volume: 1.5/10 [Quite close to none…]
 ✔ Ease of application: 8/10 [The spine with this model is actually really good!  :) ]
✔ Reusable? Definitely. 🙂
✔ Economical? -laughing- yeah!

Hmm. I think they’ll work better cut up =X

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