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Candydoll batch anyone?

Posted in Candy Doll by Jae on March 30, 2010

Yes, I have heard and now I’m going to open ONE BATCH for CandyDoll and Dolly Wink! -laughing-

Here you go, lovelies… I’m going to be importing Candy Doll’s loose powder (One Shade @ 35.90 SGD)and Dolly Wink’s Liquid Eyeliner (Black @ 23.80 SGD). This is inclusive of shipping from Japan to Singapore, not inclusive of normal postage. I can only distribute via postage at the moment because my schedule is quite tight right now. 🙂

More information under the cut so you can order with me now~~~

Terms [Please read]:

✔ Comment frozen = order taken in = payment accepted [Please pay before posting]
✔ Items will take more than 1.5 months, please only join if you are willing to wait
✔ Please check your orders before posting
✔ Please pay before posting
✔ All updates will be on this page, please do bookmark!

Closing Cap:

SET PRICES (Inclusive of shipping from Japan): 
♥ Candy Doll Loose Powder [ONLY ONE SHADE]: 35.90 SGD PER POT. (30G)
♥ Dolly Wink Liquid Liner [BLACK ONLY]: 23.80 SGD each

*** To read my own review on the loose powder, head HERE. ***


✔ POSB iBanking or ATM Transfers only, no interbank and please do let me know your iB nick!
✔ All payments to be in before spree closes
✔ Unpaid orders = VOID

~ Payment #1 : SET PRICE
~ Payment #2 : Local postage + Handling fee

Already included.


✔ Normal or Registered postage [+2.24].
✔ Handling fee = 0.50 SGD [Applicable for both postage and meetup]
✔ I won’t be responsible for lost or damaged mail, please choose registered mail.

Please note:
✔ There only is one shade for Candy Doll’s loose powder, limited ed not available.
✔ I’m only accepting black for the Dolly Wink liquid liner.
✔ In case there is OOS, the items will go to the person who ordered first.

Example Order:
Item #0:
Name: Candy Doll Loose Powder
Quantity: 1

Real Name:
Postage Address:
Email Address:
Acct Type + No.: -in case of oos-

Item #1:

Item #2:

Total in SGD: round up to nearest 10 cents.

Paid via: IB / ATM

Date & Time:
Reference Number:

Happy spree-ing~!

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4 Responses

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  1. Erika said, on April 3, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    hihi! i am interested in this spree.
    may i know how many caps does it have right now?
    i’ll only order the loose powder if confirmed.
    ittte.q@gmail.com thanks~ (^_^)

    • Flitter Jae said, on April 3, 2010 at 11:50 pm

      Hi there!
      It’s at 5 right now but I will still go ahead with the order regardless of the number of participants so no worries 🙂
      Mailed you about it!

  2. Felicia said, on April 13, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    Hi, i wanna order the loose powder if confirmed.
    how to order? pay first then send email to you for my order?

    • Flitter Jae said, on April 13, 2010 at 9:19 pm

      Hi Felicia!
      Yes, the spree will go ahead regardless of the number of orders 🙂
      And you may post your order here together with your transaction ref. etc as well! ^_^
      Do let me know if you’re interested in getting any!

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