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Rouge Coco #10 + Bad experience @ Chanel Counter [Raffles City]

Posted in Chanel, lipstick by Jae on April 2, 2010

So here’s the deal with the lipsticks from Rouge Coco. Remember when I said this morning that I was really excited about the launch of the lipsticks? I was, but then my Chanel experience was completely marred by what happened after my purchase.

This post is super long and super image heavy, by the way darl.

I’ll talk about it first because it affected my swatching as well.

I’ve got two issues. One, the sales assistant. Two, the lipstick. And that actually is everything there is.

I popped into the store at about 1 plus today (If you read my tweet, you’d know that I pretty much rushed down cause I cabbed) Arrived at Raffles City to a fairly empty Chanel counter. I snapped two pictures and then proceeded to swatch the lippies. An SA walked over and stood there so I told her, it was alright and that I could “help myself”.

She looked really young, just stood there, looking at me swatch two colours, #10 and #2 with one swipe of each lippy on my skin. The lipsticks felt alright, quite smooth, but it wasn’t as “glidy” as I would have liked it to be. I was attracted to #10 because of the pretty colour at the back of the tester.

I stood there for about five minutes, trying to decide which one to get because I had initially wanted to get #2 straight but #2 looked quite brownish and I was worried about it dulling my skin, so I stared at the two shades for a while.

She then cut in and started to explain the shades and said that I should layer more on my skin to see the “true colour”. Now, while I appreciated her effort, I don’t believe in piling on colours when swatching to see the “true colour” because you don’t get the “true colour” when you swatch on your hands since your face colour would be different from your hand colour.

Well, she then proceeded to layer about three coats of #10 and #2 very heavily on my skin, I was mortified but kept quiet.

She explained that these two were the “best colours” and sounded impatient when I said I wanted to try #6 and #15 as well, saying “Those are different shades, I think #10 still looks better.” Thing is, I know they’re different, that’s why I wanted to try them.

(This was taken instore. Notice the difference between in-store and natural sunlight.)

(Natural sunlight)

(This one of #15 and #6 was taken under natural sunlight.)

I said, “I’ve got warmer skin tone and would probably not wear cooler colours well” then she said “You should wear pinkish colours because you’re younger. Like my skin tone, I wear this shade.” and pointed at her lips. She was wearing a purplish shade and I really didn’t think it looked flattering on her. At all. She looked really pale.

And she said “You want a pinkish colour right?”. I don’t actually recall saying that I wanted a “pinkish colour” but in any case, I finally decided on #10 and when she brought a tube out, I just checked the bottom to see if it was the right shade then proceeded to make payment. It should have been alright, right? Wrong.

I should have checked it before leaving the counter and I totally admit that it was my mistake to not have inspected it because when I twisted the lippy up about 15 minutes after walking out of Raffles City? I found that the lipstick was sweating*.

I decided I’d go back after my church service to swop it for a new one and when I got to the counter, I managed to grab hold of that SA right before she left and asked her if she could “kindly swop out the lippy because it’s already started sweating”. She didn’t look pleased about it and twisted the lippy up to inspect.

Thankfully, when I pressed for a new one, she obliged. Unfortunately, that was also sweating and I decided against asking them again because they clearly were not about to make the extra effort for me.

The other SA who was a little more senior than her said “It’s because of the storage, the lights are very hot and so this happens, but it’s still brand new from Chanel.” and smiled. I shan’t try to decipher what her smile meant and will accept that she was trying to be friendly and sincere.

Now, I will not dispute the issue about storage, but I will say that just because it’s Chanel, it doesn’t mean that it is acceptable to give your customer a lipstick that’s already sweating. Feedback to your supervisor if you have to because I’m paying a premium of 44SGD for your lipsticks and do expect quality products.

Mmm. I doubt I’d be willing to visit that counter again, perhaps I will stick with MAC’s lippies at 28 SGD per tube plus good service from them. I’m sold.

Now, on to the actual review of the product.

I love the packaging. I love all Chanel packaging because of how classy they all look.

Thing is? My lipstick was given to me already sweating.

*Sweating: When little droplets develop on your lipsticks due to changes in humidity or the changes in the chemistry of the lipstick itself.

Here’s is how a sweating lipstick looks.

When the lipsticks are like that? Don’t accept them. You deserve better for paying so much.


I don’t know if it was because of that, but the lipstick tugged a lot when I tried it on my lips and completely lacked the texture that my MAC and this is just… Disgusting.

I’m not complaining about the colour payoff with this lippy, but I am not happy with the texture of it and sweating is just gross.

This was how it looked under natural sunlight… And below, it’s under artificial light…

Sorry about the dry bit on my lower lip, babe! XD I forgot to exfoliate my lips before swatching it…

It’s got a little it of a… Pearly sheen to it and felt a little dry after a while… So, will I repurchase? Nope, cause I know that MAC makes better ones that feel totally buttery on my lips.

-laughing- A gentle reminder that I’ve got NC30 skin, love~~~


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  1. Serene said, on July 29, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    Babe, i happened to google bad service from chanel counter, and yours appear! I’m not sure this was posted when but i’m seconding it! I got a damn bad service today at Takashimaya when i made a special trip down after school. They looked at me as if i can’t afford it, and doesn’t even want to assist me properly, say it’s ideal for my skin color when they didn’t even look at it. urgh!

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