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MAC Prepped For Colour Launched!

Posted in MAC, Product Launch by Jae on April 8, 2010

Ah… And MAC has done it again… Prepped For Colour has hit our shores. 

Yes it’s been launched! XD Spied it from outside the Raffles City branch when I passed by the place before my movie today.

XD Here are some swatches from the collection~~~~ 

It only has 3 foundation base tints (one in purple o.O), 1 lipglass and 3 eyeshadows in it. Today’s swatches are proudly brought to you by my partner and I. XD Yes, say thank you… So sorry babe, I only managed to grab the eyeshadows…

Sorcery, Hey, Prepped for Glamour (From left to right)

Sorcery is a purplish sort of things and Hey’s something like Urban Decay*’s Sin or a similar in finish to Naked Lunch… Prepped for Glamour is a shimmery dark brown and is REALLY sexy, in my opinion. Argh, darn my iPhone camera, I need to get a better one for swatching with!

Most girls don’t find this collection particularly interesting but I’m actually really drawn to Prepped for Glamour! I’m an NC30 by the way~~~ XD (I always seem to end my MAC launch posts with this line)

*** Note: Urban Decay is having their F&F sale, use the code: 1SFNF for 30% off. (US only)

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