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DEJAVU Mascara Pre-Launch (Sponsored by Fr3bs and Dejavu)

Posted in Dejavu, mascara, Product Launch by Jae on April 11, 2010

And I’m baaaaack~~~~ XD Check this out babe, I went for the DEJAVU Mascara pre-launch thing and picked up some samples of their new products, so here’s a sneak peek of the products that will be launched.

I’ll just be reviewing their mascaras today, love! XD I’ll deal with the eyeliner another day.

*** Please note that the products reviewed in this post were sponsored by Fr3bs.com and Dejavu, this however, does not affect my honesty in my review. 🙂 Please do feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Dejavu Fiberwig EXTRA LONG Mascara ($25.00 @ Guardian, John Little, Sasa and Watsons)

First up, this is the mascara that they’re supposed to have sold over 30 million tubes of.

Alrighty, I know you’ve probably seen this mascara at Sasa before but this is the second generation of the mascara and well, the wand’s been changed and the formula is supposed to have been improved on. (Yeah, I made a trip down to Watsons to check out the first generation again. XD This was the mascara that put me off fiber mascaras in the first place. I gave it a second chance here.)

For those who haven’t seen the FIRST GENERATION before, here it is:

So you see the Watson’s floor, the left handed tube and the straight wand! 

Now, those above were the pictures for the first generation one~~~  Now, moving on the my review of GENERATION TWO~~~

The images I received from the company here:

And my image here:

Okay, here’s the deal with this mascara. It’s supposed to lengthen your lashes to insane levels because of the fibers in the formula. It promises to make your eyelashes look like false lashes but I’m looking at my pictures and thinking… Mmm… I like their volumizing one better but then again, you do know I’m biased right? XD

Now, the brush is curved to help with curling your lashes but it uh, I’m not really very concerned about curl.

Notice the fibers yet? They’re really small and are supposed to stick onto your lashes to help with the lengthening.

The size of the brush is… Alright but it was a little clumsy in my hands because of how long and full it is.

That was about 3 and a half coats of the formula and I don’t know, I didn’t really see much of a difference for me despite me wanting to… Perhaps a little lengthening around the end of my eyes?

I tried to follow what they did and put on the volumizing mascara (Lash Knockout) right after but the results… Hmm. You be the judge, love…

There’s no doubt in my mind that the two mascaras combined did indeed give me a big boost in volume, and to me? Clumpy mascaras are alright, but I have a limit to it too and perhaps it was the technique that I used, but the ultimate effect of this combination gave me too many clumps for me to tolerate.

Additionally, application after using the lengthening mascara made it hard for me to put on the volumizing one smoothly… I was so scared that I would pull off my lashes accidently… But but but and a big fat BUT, there really was a difference for me in terms of volume and I’m not sure if it’s because of the Fiberwig or Lash Knockout.

The mascara did give me pretty darn good volume when combined… -pauses- Hmm.

And remember when I said that I hate fibres in my mascaras? It’s for good reason cause the fibres tend to get into my eyes but eh, surprise surprise with this little one. I wasn’t convinced about the removal, so I asked for warm water and removed the mascara on the spot. The results?

And I used a cotton pad for the removal of everything and the cotton pad looked like this by the end of my removal process

Yeah. I’ll be honest. It was a little gross but at least it was true to the description. 

*** Remember, lengthening before volumizing.

*** Please note that the products reviewed in this post were sponsored by Fr3bs.com and Dejavu, this however, does not affect my honesty in my review. 🙂 Please do feel free to contact me should you have any questions.


Dejavu Lash Knockout Mascara ($25.00 @ Guardian, John Little, Sasa and Watsons)

-grinning- I know right? This is the second product!

Lash Knockout did raise my hopes a lot because it promises crazy volume and it is the only purely volumizing product out of their entire range.

Yup. It does look… Something like that. XD It looks more like

XD It’s more reddish than pinkish like in the stock image. While I really like that the cap’s pink and that the size of the bottle fits nicely in the hand, the tube feels a little too bulky to be brought out for touchups… (If you do bring your tubes out for touch-ups, that is.) And the wand does feel a little too large as well.

The brush head, though, is of an acceptable length for my eyes so woo~ XD enough of stock images, here are my own:

This is the brush head. Mmm. The press kit mentioned something about grooves in the brush catching a lot of product… The stumps on the brush are quite far apart but about helping flare, I’m not sure about it.

The formula is supposed to contain wax to form a film around your lashes to help with staying power and with boosting volume but while you might not see much of a difference in the first picture I’ve got of front on, check out the second picture.

Now this mascara, I like.

This mascara’s formula feels much thicker (than my Estee Lauder) and a little bit like Maybelline’s Cat Eyes Mascara but not quite as thick as that. Which begs the question, does it clump? Slightly but I blame it on the thick formula. It doesn’t clump as badly as the Fiberwig one though, so this one is staying with me for some time. =D

It’s supposed to be a layerable product with the other products in the Dejavu range but you’ll have to use Fibrewig before this one and XD after seeing my pictures, you decide if you want to do that okay? XD

It didn’t sting at all and the staying power is pretty darn decent… I had a crying session with this mascara on and it didn’t smudge one bit and that’s crazy staying power which really surprised me because it’s supposed to come off with water. Which brings me to my next point, removal.

Does it come off with warm water? Not for me. XD

I tried at 2 temperatures with water straight from my hot flask plus a shot of water from my tap on a cotton pad and all that came off was my gel liner, gave up after a while and turned back to my trusty Clinique and yup, the mascara melted right off.

Jae’s Final Verdict:
Would I repurchase either of them? Give me a choice between Fiberwig and Lash Knockout and I’ll pick Lash Knockout hands down. XD

The launch of both mascaras will be on 21 May 2010 at Guardian, John Little, Sasa and Watsons.

**** Please note that the products reviewed in this post were sponsored by Fr3bs.com and Dejavu, this however, does not affect my honesty in my review. 🙂 Please do feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

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  1. […] you haven’t read my review on the mascara, the link’s HERE. But I posted ages ago so you’ve probably already read it. […]

  2. Valencia Garnder said, on April 26, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    Hey, great blog…I haven’t figured out how to add your site in my rss reader but I will soon 🙂

  3. jen said, on September 13, 2011 at 11:58 am

    so the difference is one is lengthening and the other is volumising?

    • Jae said, on September 13, 2011 at 8:52 pm

      Hey jen!
      That’s right! 😀

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