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Dejavu Mascara… Plus lots of links

Posted in Uncategorized by Jae on April 17, 2010

Hey dear! -grinning- Did you enjoy my haul picture yesterday? I’m back with more today but before that, I’ve got to do this first:

Remember my post sometime back about the Dejavu mascara and stuff? Well, they’re running a contest for it at the moment and they sent me this picture to show the before and after effects of the mascara on me:

Yup, that’s me. The before effect is on the right and the after effect is on the left. If you have the time, pop down to this link to vote okay? -laughing- Yes, my username is Kichuro!


If you haven’t read my review on the mascara, the link’s HERE. But I posted ages ago so you’ve probably already read it. -laughing-

In any case, the mascara won’t be coming out till May so if you’d like to place an order the mascara so you’ll be able to get it earlier, have a look here:


Do remember that it’s a preorder though… -grinning- Have fun!


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