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MAC Pret A Papier~~~

Posted in MAC, Product Launch by Jae on April 19, 2010

Remember when I said it was coming out? =D Well, I’ve got an update for you if you’ve been waiting for news about this gorgeous collection!

It’s going to out at MACCOSMETICS.COM on Thursday this week~~~ Do note that all codes for free shipping are valid only for the US though! So if you’ve been using vpost and the works, you can order! 😀

Get yourselves hyped for the highly raved about Instant Chic blush and Coral Crepe Paintpot~~~ I’m chanting TISSUE WEIGHT TISSUE WEIGHT TISSUE WEIGHT Eyeshadow! =D Tissue weight is supposed to be somewhat similar to Naked Lunch, but honestly, to me, Naked Lunch is too peachy to be Tissue weight.

Ahhh, yes, I might want to go and get Archetype lipstick too! =D It’s supposed to be a golden-ish sort of lipstick and I’m wondering if I should get one just for the sake of it… -considers- It would be interesting, wouldn’t it? 😀 Then again, I really should save for In The Groove and To The Beach

Jae’s Note:
A little known fact about me? I like the sound of crinkling brown paper. XD

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