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DUP 910 + Takano #11 False Lashes

Posted in DUP, Takano Style by Jae on May 9, 2010

My god, my entire review of these gorgeous babies got wiped completely off my screen after my edit. I can’t believe this but it’s okay it’s okay! I’d love to look at them again! =D


Yesssss…. I feel so proud of myself I could dance around. I’m about to show you two of my top picks for Japanese false lashes, babe! So head’s up and here we go~~~!

First up is the full lash, DUP 910!

XD So sorry it looks like that babe! I used them once and was quite rough with them (I’m praying they’ll last until my next trip to Japan! >_<) See how they look absolutely gorgeous just in their tray? – fainting-

They run from shorter to longer lashes from the inner to outer corners and notice also that towards the outer corners, there’s a sudden little burst of volume?

The lash bone of these lashes is pretty thin but not quite as soft as MODEL21’s lashes… And somehow when I used these lashes, they looked incredibly natural and just blended right into my natural lash line! Now, near the bone, it’s a lot more intense too and -squealing- the overall design of these lashes? V V V V V all the way and that just makes the individual lashes look like they’re growing directly out from the lash bone~~~

Each individual lash is heavenly soft too… -dreamy-

They’re supposed to be on Cosme’s top 100 list, babe and honestly, I can very safely say that DUP 910 deserves its spot up there. It also swiped #1 on Model’s Choice too! -grinning- I didn’t know that when I picked these babies up but I’m so glad I did.

Next up! Takano Style #11!

Oh my gosh, they’re these… Half lashes of goodness!

XD They come in a similar format as the DUP 910 lashes, so they work perfectly together~!

These were really expensive and cost me about 1200 yen for just one pair… >_< But hey they work! =D I was supposed to get #2 cause the models use that one more but upon comparison, #2 is just a little longer than this one (#11) so I decided this would be a better choice. XD And they also come in this really pretty heart shaped case so I’m incredibly pleased. XD

And close up time~~~~~

See how they look incredibly like a crazy sweep of lashes? Well you’re right, watch this!


I looked myself in the mirror and just stood there for a really long time. -laughing- I love these lashes and they are my #1 lashes now! My new favourites! Hehe!

♡♡♡ DUP 910 + Takano #11 False Lashes ♡♡♡ 

✔ Length: 10/10 [The exact length I’ve always wanted.
✔ Volume: 15/10 [You read that right babe! XD 15!]
 ✔ Ease of application: 8.5/10 [The spine might be a little iffy, but hang in there, it’s worth it!]
✔ Reusable? Yup!
✔ Economical? Hmm… They came at about 20+ for two pairs but seeing how good they are, yup, well worth the price, in my opinion.

These are the best lashes I’ve used in my entire life and quite honestly, I don’t think I’ll be having a new favorite anytime soon… :X THESE ROCK!

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  1. jasmine said, on May 10, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    haha omg this is amazing! i can’t even put on one pair of lashes properly, let alone two! your eyes look absolutely stunning, okay (:

    • Flitter Jae said, on May 10, 2010 at 10:20 pm

      XD Aww thanks dearrrrr!!!!
      hahahaha, come come, practice practice!!!!

      • jasmine said, on May 11, 2010 at 5:30 pm

        hahah yeah i should! did you practise a lot?

      • Flitter Jae said, on May 11, 2010 at 8:26 pm

        XD not quite actually… >__<

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  3. […] The lash band was just stiff enough so that it was easy to work with however, the effect it gave my eyes was one of spikes which I did not particularly like. So I decided to try to save it by layering my DUP lashes. […]

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