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Candy Doll Precious Mineral Powder

Posted in Candy Doll by Jae on May 13, 2010

Look familiar? This is a PLAZA exclusive that I heard about when I was in Singapore and went on a crazy mouse hunt for when I got to Tokyo! It can’t even be found online! Argh, it got me so frustrated and disappointed at first but then I suddenly saw it at the PLAZA at Shinjuku’s Lumine2!

-laughing- So here’s the deal with this, Tsubasa decided to release another loose powder and have it be exclusive to supermart PLAZA. -laughing- It’s called Candy Doll Precious Mineral Powder and yup, there are some distinct differences between this one and the original version!

Yes dear! I managed to get it! -Muahaha- It’s kinda cute just alone but then when you put it side by side with its predecessor? Hmm… I kind of wrinkled my nose a little bit. Nope, don’t quite like the colour combination.

This does compare up to the original powder that I bought three extra tubs of but in terms of finish, hurhur, it’s just so-so. It’s actually very similar except that this version has shimmer in it which is both a plus and a minus in my opinion. (Psst, I like the original packaging better cause it looked a lot more classy >_<)

The applicator is exactly the same as the one in the original version~~~  But can I confess that I got a shock when I first tried the powder on my hand because of the colour difference? But then again, it claims to be able to match any skin shade so I’ll thought I’d give it a chance.

I deliberately left it unblended for this shot to show the difference in terms of my original skin shade and the shade of the powder.

And then I patted it down evenly and if you look closely, you may be able to see the little shimmer bits!

Hmm… It’s quite alright.

Shimmer in the powder might be to add to the brightening factor I suppose? But hmm… I’m not so sure if that’s quite the right thing for me. Oh, I also tried to use this on my nose bridge to see if it would work as a highlight powder but nah-uh, not quite there. I might try it out on the apple of my cheeks next to see if it’ll work there instead…

When I did use it on my nose, there was oil control but then again, the original version had excellent control and I do believe that this is an… Improvement on the original? Hmm.

♡♡♡ Candy Doll Precious Mineral Powder ♡♡♡ 

✔ Oil Control: 8.5/10 [-laughing- Yes, the same grade.] 
✔ Coverage: 7.5/10 [Nothing much to complain about here.]
✔ Packaging: 8/10 [A drop from the original 9 because I don’t really like the colour. >_<]
✔ Performance: 8/10 [Drop from the original as well because of the shimmer. I’m not a fan of shimmer.]
✔ Live up to its claims? XD Definitely.
✔ Economical? It’s 1680Yen and only available at PLAZA in Japan… -laughing-

The powder is not bad but I really do prefer the old version to this one because of the presence of shimmer in this version. I don’t really like shimmer in my powders. 

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  2. […] Read my original review of the powder HERE. […]

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