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Ettusais Jelly Bean Nail Polish SMELLS LIKE PEACHES!

Posted in Ettusais, Nail Polish by Jae on June 4, 2010

So the BHG sale happened yesterday and everything was going at 30%, save for the cosmetics section that was having a 10% off thing that you can redeem in vouchers but never mind the sale, you need to know what I FOUND.


Ettusais is a Japanese brand that was brought in by Shiseido Singapore co in 2007.

The brand with super simple packaging recently came up with a whole lot of polishes that, when dried, smells like a bunch of… Really sweet peaches? Some smelt like coconuts and one smelt like raspberry. They comes in 15 colours and retail for 4 SGD each and don’t worry, this isn’t a paid review. XD

They are awfully small (only 2ML each) but I guess that adds to the portability factor. I’d love to pop one of these into my makeup pouch to bring out. My only problem with this is that it can get a little tricky during application because of how small the bottle is so I really had to aim for the mouth of the bottle to replace the cap.

Don’t worry, I was skeptical about the staying power of the scent too but after using it overnight and through water and all that, I’m sold. I’ve realized that because the scent is not just on the surface but actually mixed into the polish, it will last a lot longer! Hmm, till it chips, that is.

Clockwise from top left: F5, F4, F3

-laughing- I know I know, all the colours I bought were pink and I really should have bought another colour but tell me you think the pinks are sweet! I just couldn’t resist them!

F3 : Glittery Pink (Just lock and load blue and pink glitter.)
F4 : Milky Sakura Pink (May be difficult to work with because it’s a light pastel… It streaked quite a lot actually…)
F5 : Creamy Lollipop Pink (Relatively easy to work with! I like the formula a lot!)

The overall consistency of the polishes was just the right amount of “runniness”, so it’s not like say…. China Glaze and their slightly thicker formula.

I’m not very big on very dark polishes… I very much prefer just shimmery ones. :X

The polished dried very quickly and I found a new way of finding out whether they’ve dried. 😀 Sniff them and when you smell the peachy smell, then they’re done. XD

I saw these babies back in Japan going at 220 Yen but didn’t have the heart to buy them because I’m not an avid nail polish user – I caved in because of the arrangement of the Ettusais counter yesterday and how friendly the SA was. She wasn’t at all pushy and was very sweet about letting me test everything out (Brownie Points = + 10000). You know how the faces of sales assistants usually turn black after you say you just want one item? Well, this girl was totally different and shucks, I forgot to get her name. I’d so go back to her the next time I want more polish. :X

♡♡♡ Ettusais Jelly Bean Nail Polish ♡♡♡ 

Quick-Dry?: 8.5/10 [Gorgeously fast.
✔ Consistency of Formula: 8.5/10 [Mostly easy to work with 🙂]
Smell: 10/10 [They smell like lollipops, it makes me want to put my fingers in my mouth >_<]
✔ Ease of Usage: 8/10 [The mouth of the bottle is tiny so I had to be extra careful not to knock the bottle over.]
✔ Economical? Perhaps! It’s only 4 bucks a bottle but for only 2ML…. Hmm, they are quite pricey.

If you’re like me and cannot seem to get through nail polishes but like to have a range of colours to play with, this is a pretty good product! The scent of the polishes just adds to it!

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