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My Problem With Photobucket.

Posted in Jae by Jae on June 25, 2010

Hey babe,
I’m going to deviate so far from makeup right now, so I can address a problem (more like a wall) I’ve been running into.

You might be wondering where I’ve been and how come my updates have been so erratic over the past couple of weeks.

In my previous post, I mentioned a little something about a Photobucket. Nope, I’m not going to link you to the site.

Now, Photobucket is a free app that allows you to host and edit your pictures in albums online so yay. It’s relatively easy to use and I’ve been using it pretty much all my life but then this year, they decided to upgrade the whole thing and that’s pretty much where all hell broke loose.

You see with the site, you can edit and that’s where I edit all my watermarks, resize and do all my funky stuff but eh, check out what’s been happening recently:

Effectively, all my edits are getting jammed at this page, so I haven’t been able to edit any of my photos. -backlogging a lot of posts now-

I’ve posted on Photobucket’s forums, sent multiple feedbacks, sent emails, gone on other forums and still, nothing. Fotoflexer (the main app in question here) still remains, well, a big pain in the neck.

I thought I’d post this up so that you’d know what’s happening over my end and if you’re sharing the same problem, we can talk it out here and try to see what we can do short of buying PS – which I’m very tempted to get right now because it’s the only program that would give me exactly what I want. Grr.

So babe, bear with me a little while I sort this problem out okay? 🙂 Crap-tasticness of funky sites. I promise I’m going to bulldoze my way through and fix this in the meantime, so hang in there, lovely!

***  Jae’s Note:
It’s raining really heavily today so if you’re headed out, remember your brolly to protect your beautifully dressed up hair~~~


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  1. Rina said, on June 25, 2010 at 11:24 am

    I have the same JS eye palette as the one in the picture! 😀

    use Firefox instead. my Safari browers jams at that page too.

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