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My Total Dolly Wink Haul~ :X

Posted in Dolly Wink by Jae on July 8, 2010

Yup, I’ve been steadily buying up products from Dolly Wink and I think it’s high time I did a stocktake of sorts!

Items I have in my inventory:
1) Dolly Wink #1: Dolly Sweet
2) Dolly Wink #2: Sweet Girly
3) Dolly Wink #5: Real Nude
4) Dolly Wink #8: Pure Little
5) Dolly Wink False Lash Case (x2)
6) Dolly Wink Liquid Liner (Black) (x2)
7) Dolly Wink Pencil Liner (Brown)

So this kind of makes me think back on whether the product line really is worth all the hype (Yeah, after spending like, more than two hundred bucks on everything.)… Because  do recall not being too overjoyed with #2.


♥ Dolly Wink #1 : Dolly Sweet

The review

The verdict: It looks natural despite being so dramatic in the box but after trying out more lashes (-cough- Diamond Lash -cough-) I may reconsider rebuying.


♥ Dolly Wink #2: Sweet Girly

The review

The verdict: Will NOT rebuy. It didn’t flatter my eyes and it wasn’t worth the hype, in my opinion.


♥ Dolly Wink #5: Real Nude

The review

The verdict: A very natural pair of lashes that are suitable for everyday and for work as well.


♥ Dolly Wink #8: Pure Little

The review
The review that features it as well!
The verdict: 100% worth it, I love the way it fits and it’s definitely versatile. It’s amazing and I think every girl has to have a box.


Dolly Wink False Lashes Case
The review
The verdict: YOU NEED IT! >_< It’s so cute, I have to go get me another one…


Dolly Wink Liquid Liner (Black)
The review
The verdict: If you don’t have one yet, please go out and get one. It’s the best liquid liner I’ve used and it lasts FOREVER.


Dolly Wink Pencil Liner (Brown)
The review
The verdict: I’ll die without it.

-pauses- Ah. Will you look at that… Looks like I do love the range after all… -laughing- Okay, maybe except for the very raved about #1 and #2… You know, I’m always after the products that are the least raved about! In any case, i hope this roundup (of sorts) helps you dear~~~

And oh by the way, if you read my twitter update, you’d have gotten word that…

Dolly Wink got restocked at NAC! =D Hehe!

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