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MAC Vvvvvvv…Venomous Villains…

Posted in MAC, Product Launch by Jae on July 15, 2010

Don’t you feel that sense of evil already?!

You know, when news first broke about the collection, I wasn’t very interested because I have something against all the villains but after the swatches, I’m drooling…

The whole collection is supposed to come in special packaging with the faces of Disney villains printed on them… (About time that MAC did another special packaging range!) Nope, I’m not a fan of ANY of the villains BUT I am a fan of the colour releases that are about to hit stores ♥

Yessssss… The evil queen from Cinderella~

And guess who~~~

“Puppies~” My lovely puppies and fur coats~~~ YUCK!

I love the colours that will be coming out with the Cruella range, but I’m not a fan of her character AT ALL cause she wanted the Dalmatian puppies for coats. 

Each character will have a whole mini range dedicated to them and I’ve been looking the pigments and I’m eyeing melon. XD Are you looking at pigments too? I’m scared I won’t use much of them though… I should get a mixing medium but then again, I don’t use pigments very much… What are you getting from this collection? =D

I really hope they won’t print the faces of the villains too prominently on the packages or I won’t be able to look at them.

The names of the products are so pretty though… >_< Bite of an Apple, Innocence, Beware!, this is going to be another Fabulous Felines I think… >_< Just hope my blushes won’t be sold out too soon… >_<

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