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My MAC Collection so far!

Posted in MAC by Jae on July 17, 2010

I see you laughing at the title already. -grinning-

Remember that first time you picked up a lipstick and wondered if it was candy? Okay, maybe not you, but I fondly recall sitting on my mom’s bed while she did her makeup everyday and wondering why she used so many things on her face and wouldn’t allow me to touch anything on her vanity.

Yes, I remember twisting up her Clinique lipstick and putting it on only to realize that:

1) I applied too much
2) It was outside my lip line
3) It was too red

Yeah and later on, I also realized that I had replaced the cap – without twisting the lippy back down. Hurhur, needless to say, I got the worst scolding from mommy dearest and that would probably explain my initial adversion to lipsticks. Hey, nurture right. XD

Oh I remember the time I first had makeup on my face was for a nursery recital “Que Sarah Sarah”. -laughing- but I digress.

I started really collecting makeup in secret because my mom didn’t quite approve (oh, the old days…) and I think my very first eyeshadow was from Watsons, then of course, I graduated to higher end brands like MAC and Dior so here’s my little piece on my MAC collection so far!

Yes, I started my little MAC makeup collection off with a few of the WORST items possible (yeah, think beauty sleep with its horrible pay off –  argh, I was young, impressionable and I trusted the MUA so I learnt my lesson the hard way)

Yup! Haha, I stuck the names on the picture and yikes, it looks a little confusing but ahhhh, it’s better than having to match it with the products one by one no? -grins-

Ah, a few of my other items aren’t in cause I couldn’t find them… Like my summer rose beauty powder and… some other pigments and my HK TLC  that I must have stuck somewhere at the back of my shelf… Oh no, time to dig around a bit. I’m building myself up with base products all the way up very slowly so I don’t end up with products I hate (read: beauty sleep and haunting)

Mmm… Then again, I find myself reaching for MAC products lesser than I do for my Japanese products so I really do thank god that I haven’t made too many impulse buys with MAC.

Out of everything here, my to go items are Prepped for Glamour eyeshadow, Phone Number eyeliner  and my Gaga, Jazzed and Creme D Nude lipsticks… No really, I actually forgot for a period of time that I had a Tippy blush and that can’t be good but then I found it and went “Lookey here… Hello Kitty… Cute. Oh wait, it’s MAC…”

I don’t actually use any pigments so I’ve realized that I wasted good money on that Mischief’s collection of pigments, which sucks because I could have gotten a new brush or something… (I do want the Melon pigment that’s going to come out with VV though! 😀 Yes, just because. XD) XD I see you’ve noticed that I don’t have a single MAC brush?! Blasphemous?! Not! XD MAC is kind of pricey, isn’t it?! I’m actually eyeing another ELF eyeshadow brush because that one’s been my lifesaver time and time again and hey, who could argue with a 1USD brush? Speaking of which, I need more.

I also want to have more MAC lipsticks… I don’t question their quality at all because they glide on like butter and give fabulous colour for me… -pauses- Eh, I’ve got one pink, one coral and one nude… Sweet. -laughing-

God, I swear I need to look at my train case more often. Have you looked in recently? 😀

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  1. iliketotakeracyphotos said, on July 17, 2010 at 7:54 am

    when i read that yr first eyeshadow was from watsons.. I was like “Ah ha! Me too! Those cheap old days!”… (I mean, that was before the influx of cooler cosmetics from Watsons..)

    Anyway I dont think MAC is that affordable either.. the way those american beauty bloggers haul from each MAC collection is madness…

    • Flitter Jae said, on July 17, 2010 at 9:41 am

      Hi dear, welcome! 😀
      And oh my you too?! I used to buy the darnest colours too – like blue and green and all those… >__<

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