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♡ Fairy Drops (Platinum Mascara Update & Collab)! ♡

Posted in Fairy Drops by Jae on July 21, 2010

I know, I know, I don’t actually use Fairy Drops because it’s a fiber mascara but do you remember the previous Fairy Drops mascara craze?

Yes, I’m talking about the one that was sold at Watsons and SASA and kept getting sold out. Well it’s back with two new offerings and I’ve got some scoop on both of them.

The first one’s called Fairy Drops Platinum and is touted to give 5 times more volume and twice as much length as the previous version.

Some girls claim that the previous version gave them a lot of length but mmm. I don’t know, length isn’t my sort of thing compared to volume so this one’s got me interested.

Yup, it retails at 2205 Yen while the previous version was only 1575 Yen so it’s an increase of a whopping 630 Yen… That’s about 10.50 SGD making it about 36 plus SGD. Yikes! That’s comparable to my Helena Rubenstein mascara! Then again, this one’s supposed to have collagen to help with the growth of your lashes so… :X

Aside from the Plat mascara, they’ve also got a collab with the creators of the polka dotted puffy skirt, HbG! (Yes, their store at the top floor of Shibuya109 is so cute with its drum-beating bear at the shop front… I got a pair of unmentionables there XD Too cute so I had to have it. You know how thick bands are in now? I got one in navy! Their shoes are also soooo cute but they were like 16,000 Yen which is almost 300 SGD so I restrained myself.)

The packaging is too cute to be true… Now to see if it actually works – I’m so tempted cause it’s pink and glittery.

Someone stop me please. OTL

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