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MAC Collection Updates!

Posted in MAC, Product Launch by Jae on July 27, 2010

MAC’s releasing so many collections it’s getting really hard to catch up.

I’ve compiled a list of the collections that I know are coming out. Keep in mind that these release dates are for the US so we’ll get the collections maybe about 2 weeks to a month late sometimes.

In The Groove supposedly came out on 6 July online in the US and was released on 9 July in Singapore. So it can be very irregular – Very strange.

♡♡♡ July ♡♡♡ 
Digi Pops
Should be coming out soon cause it’s out in the US already.
It’s all lipsticks and glosses with major glitterage and some people have mentioned that glitter gets around the mouth when you wipe if after a meal. Eeek. I still want some though. XD

Alicia + Olivia
Will not be in Singapore. ONLY IN US, JAPAN AND KOREA.
I want partylicious but I’m going to have to go with a CP of a sample now. =.=||| Darn MAC, don’t they realize their fan base is more international than Japan and Korea?!

Dare to Wear
Going Bananas (Yellow eyeshadow) will be coming back with this collection.
Hmm… This collection’s very bright and I do mean VERY bright.

♡♡♡ August ♡♡♡
Viva Glam Fall
These are the Gaga and Cyndi lipglosses. They apparently have no glitter in them.
The Gaga gloss is MINE.
Fabulous Felines
This one’s going to be a major collection with three different parts. All the names of the products are cat inspired but there won’t be any special packaging.
Hmm. This collection is almost too big for its own good and I honestly don’t quite know what to get! Haha, I definitely want the pigments though!
Nail Trends
It’s a collab with another designer Jin Soi for nail polishes.
Hurhur, no polishes for me, thanks. XD 

♡♡♡ September ♡♡♡
The highly controversial collection that’s a collab with the girls from Rodarte (a clothing line). Some people have voiced their concerns regarding the designers choice of item names and the associations with femicide in Mexico.
Meh, this is the collection that I only want two items from… Even then, I don’t know if I actually really want them.
Pro Longwear
It’s lipcremes, concealers and foundations. Yes, it’ll apparently be available in Singapore as well.
I might think about the lipcremes but definitely not the concealers and foundations.
Venomous Villains
A Disney-MAC collaboration for special packaging with the faces of some of Disney’s villains on the lids. I think I’m going to hate the packaging majorly.
I want like… Three beauty powders from this collection and it’s got absolutely nothing to do with looks cause it’s… Uh… Not pretty. Kind of tacky, if I may.

I’ve already got my lists for all the product ranges. XD I’m so breaking my MAC no-buy ban.

I WANT SO MANY LIPSTICKS I don’t think I should start XD

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