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My Blush Collection – And my Cosmagic wants… T_T

Posted in Candy Doll, Canmake, Cosmagic, Jae, MAC, MELLIESH, NARS by Jae on July 30, 2010

Remember my MAC collection post? Hehe, I decided to do another one on all my blushes!

You know how we sometimes collect so many of one particular type of product that we start forgetting what we have – then we go out to get somemore and when we go through our traincases later on, we realize “Oh crap, did I just buy something that’s really similar to what I have at home? Hang on a sec, what do I have at home again?”

So today, I decided to do a stocktake of all my blushes to save myself some money, seeing that more and more MAC collections are coming up and money being tight, I’d hate to buy a duplicate product.

Top to Bottom (Left to right):
1) MAC Ripe Peach (LE) – Coral
2) MAC HK Tippy (LE) – Pink
3) Canmake Cream Blush (05) – Orange
4) Candydoll  (Pink) – Pink
5) NARS Orgasm – Orange
6) Canmake (PW16) – Orange
7) Canmake Cream Blush (03) – Pink
8) Candydoll (Highlighter) – Highlighter
9) Melliesh (03) – Pink
10) Canmake (PW05) – Highlighter
11) MAC MSF (Porcelain Pink) – Highlighter
12) KATE Cheek Colour (OR-1) – Orange
13) Esprique Precious (XMAS Edition) – Pink
14) MAC MSF Stereo Rose (LE) – Coral Pink
15) MAC Marine Life Highlighter (LE) – Coral Pink

Check it out, so I’ve got 1 coral, 5 pinks, 4 oranges (hurhur, mandarin), 2 highlighters and 2 coral pinks… I need… More pinks. XD No I don’t but I’m determined to expand my blush collection.

I’ve got to say that out of the lot, my to-go items are… My Melliesh, NARS, and Canmake highlighter and oh oh, I’ve been using my Candydoll highlighter as well to help bring colours out as well. XD

All the LE blushes I’ve got… I hardly ever use them and I must confess that I haven’t started using either Stereo Rose nor Marine Life at all… Do you ever find yourself buying products and then feeling the pinch when you have to use it? Ouch.

I thank god for my good sense when Hipness and Instant Chic came out. Hoo, I did say that I would quit MAC blushes for Melliesh and Candy Doll remember? But then again.. With all the rest new collections coming up so soon.. >_< I might be eating my words really soon.

But oh oh oh, you know that blush that Kumicky’s been fronting? Cosmagic?

You know, she’s been using it so much that I’m regretting not buying it when I was in Tokyo… I had thought “Ah, she’s not going to use it for long” but she’s still using and fronting their campaign and now I want it… T_T


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  1. Kristy said, on July 30, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    cosmagic’s blusher is really cool!! the CM is super cute too XD

    • Flitter Jae said, on July 31, 2010 at 9:06 am

      😀 isn’t it?! It’s heart shaped too… T_T

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