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Jae’s Voice: mac down, mac down!

Posted in Jae by Jae on August 8, 2010

Yes, this has got to be the first time I’m updating without any pictures, forgive me, princesses.

My mac is currently throwing a major fit because I left it on sleep mode for three days in a bid to save my photoshop – it didn’t get the rest it deserved and now it’s punishing me by cutting off all internet connections so:

1) I’m currently using my brother’s computer to make major updates on SMUB
Yes, send some love to my darling brother. All transactions will be checked tonight, on Wednesday night, Friday night and on Saturday night as well~ So do make your payments by then, dears!

2) If you would like to ask me questions, shoot them to me via Twitter —>
My addy in at the sidebar and twitter’s easier for me to follow up on with my iphone, dolls~ I’ll be able to get back to you a lot faster that way so do tweet me!

My other updates for this period will be on twitter as well so if you’ve been following me you’d have seen my Shu Uemura GWP haul – I managed to get lifetime membership with my total purchase!

PS: The GWP is only while stocks last so if you plan to spend 130 – 200 SGD at any of the Shu counters, do it now and you’d be able to pick up what you saw in my tweet pic~ ❤

3) I’ve edited my spree post so it’s extended to 14 August 2010 (Saturday)!
Yes, this give you BBs more time to save up and spree with me~ And now, I’ll be collecting your mailing address, as well as your acct no. etc via my first mass email update when the spree closes, so for my darlings who’ve submitted their info to me already, don’t worry, I’ve got them recorded so you won’t have to submit them a second time 🙂

4) I’ve set up a main mailing account for this blog for you to contact me at!
It’s smashedmakeupbag@gmail.com so do feel free to email me if you’ve got any questions or doubts about anything and I’ll get right back to you as soon as I can~ ❤

That’s all for today but do pop by my twitter account and chat with me if you can cause with my macbook’s net connection down, I’m stuck with twitter and emails! >_<


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