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MAC Fabulous Felines: Coming Soon!

Posted in MAC, Product Launch by Jae on August 18, 2010

I went down to Apple to check out what was going on with my computer but the technician said that he couldn’t help me because it’s got to do with my home router – I know, it’s ridiculous but I’m getting out as much as I can so I’ll be able to use the networks around.

I’m working around the problem and making sure that I reply your emails as much as I can so don’t worry about not getting updates! -grinning- In fact, I’ve got some RIGHT NOW!

A little bird told me that MAC’s Fabulous Felines will be coming in really soon so keep a lookout for it within this week or the next!

The collection is made up of three parts:
1) Leopard Luxe
2) Burmese Beauty
3) Palace Pedigree

My favourite one is Palace Pedigree! ♡

Have you got your lists ready? Cause I know what I already want and everything amounts to about 122 SGD… Oh my goodness, my poor wallet and most of them are lipsticks at that…

1) Pet Me, Please lipstick (Burmese Beauty)

2) Of Royalty lipstick (Palace Pedigree)3) Superior lipstick (Palace Pedigree)4) Mauvement pigment (Palace Pedigree)

-laughing- I know, I really like Palace Pedigree!

Have you seen the swatches for mauvement? I’m SO getting it! It’s this gorgeous shimmery reddish brown, almost and I think that’d work just awesome as an outer colour!

I’m also quite tempted by Lithe too actually but I’ll have to hold back for -whispers- Venomous Villiansssssss~~~~~

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