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Posted in Diamond Lash by Jae on August 21, 2010


-pointing at the picture of Kanako- Yes, please do enjoy that lovely picture of Kanako while I ramble on about her.

I recently closed our makeup spree and for my personal order, I included the pair of lashes that our lovely Kanako wore for these pictures!

Would you look at her gorgeous eyes? I think she’s got such a gorgeous smile too – and her hair’s always so funky… She recently dyed it to be a single colour but I somehow think that she should have kept that strip down her fringe because that always made her stand out from the rest of the models…

In any case, the lashes that she’s wearing are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and I think it’s going to add a lot of volume! Hehe!

These lashes look a little bit like the ones from My Heroine’s series but I think these will be more comfy…

Argh, I can’t wait for everything to get here so I’ll get to review the stuff!

We’re waiting for my agent to get back to us right now so hang in there BBs! 😀

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