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Posted in Kumicky, POPTEEN, Product Launch, TOFULOVE by Jae on September 28, 2010

Remember last week, I mentioned I found the sponge that Kumicky uses at Watsons? 😀 Well, I’ve been trying out my new TOFU LOVE sponge for the past week and  I’m back with a review of it!

*** No, this is not a paid review or even a sponsored review. XD ***

Released as part of the Startools range, TOFU LOVE is part of their makeup sponge series which also includes two other sponges in two different packagings and shapes, all though, are said to do the same thing.

Touted to help reduce foundation wastage, TOFU LOVE is used by Japanese model Kumicky and has appeared extensively on POPTEEN in her makeup tutorials~

The sponges come in a resealable packet that’s really quite handy if you, like me, often have to do your makeup at photoshoots or on the go. It’ll stop your makeup bag from getting dirty and I LOVE that because I can almost NEVER find containers for my sponges and end up just throwing them into my makeup pouch so this resealable packet works AWESOME for me. [Ah, all my bad habits are slowly getting revealed.]

I have to say though, out of their entire range, TOFULOVE is the cutest one!

It comes in a heart and can be broken into two parts~!

Now, the makers of TOFULOVE claim that the surfaces of normal sponges are extremely uneven, so the application would result in wastage and unevenness. I have to say, the feel of TOFULOVE is luxurious and reallyyyyy smooth so I didn’t have any scraping feeling. Application was extremely even and I didn’t experience any overload of product on any one part of my face.

Did I mention that the sponge is really really dense? It felt like really smooth bread… I use the top area to spread my foundation and the same corner to reach the smaller corners around my nose! [Yes, it can reach it so it’s pretty flexible]

Oh yes, and it’s extremely soft too so I really really like it! I used to use the sponges from John Little… You know those wedges? But haha, I have TOFULOVE now, so those sponges are gonna head to the back of my shelf. :X

I’m not sure about the level of product wastage but I have noticed that I’m using a little less than I usually do but then again, it could be a psychological thing.

About its price, it’s 9.90SGD for one packet that contains just one heart [two parts] so… Hmm… If you’re on a budget and use sponges very very often, I’m not sure if this will work too well for you unless you’re the sort who (like me) are willing to spend some time washing your sponges and reusing them every so often.

Would I rebuy? -grinning- You know me, I definitely will if I can but I’ll stick to washing them often for now because mmm… The price does feel a little too steep.


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  1. June said, on September 28, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    Hi Jae, I’ve got something to share regarding the sponges too, have you used this?


    This is prized to be one of Taiwan’s most famous exports^^ I bought them in bulk from this website, and I haven’t washed a single sponge in years (not including the ones in my compact of course), because at this price, you simply throw them away after a few days of usage.

    Details of this product: Each sponge comes in its own sealed plastic bag, from your description of the Tofu sponge, I’d say they are of a quite similar texture; in fact, if you tried any of the Coffret D’or liquid foundations, they usually give you a sponge for application, that is almost the same as this Taiwan sponge.

    I cut each sponge in half, and can usually use each half for like a week, if you plan to wash it at least once before throwing it away, then that box of 12 will last you, oh I don’t know, till Armageddon?

    And did I mention they are DIRT CHEAP!!!!

    P.s. this website ships worldwide, so go right ahead and try.

    P.P.s while you are there, maybe also get a “Forever Beloved” whitening mask, they are the best I’ve tried! Visible result after two masks! A bit pricey, yes, but well worth it. Another great product by Taiwan!

    • Flitter Jae said, on September 29, 2010 at 2:16 pm

      Yui Angel!!!! 😀
      OMG, I just calculated, they’re like, 5SGD?! I haven’t tried those before but they sound really good right about now cause I’m so lazy to wash my sponges… :3
      It looks like would take a week to process the VISA payment though… Hmm… DId your orders take a long time to get to you?

      Mmm! XD How many boxes did you order?! I’m thinking of grabbing 5 boxes cause it’s so cheap… 😀 Hehe! Thanks for the tip, girl, I’ll review them when I get them! ♡ And about the mask…. 找不到噎。。。 T_T Do you have the url link for it?

      Speaking of Taiwan, do you happen to watch any Taiwanese beauty programs? I used to watch Queen but stopped recently cause I haven’t had the time…

  2. June said, on September 30, 2010 at 8:28 am

    Answering Jae’s questions in the order that she asked 🙂

    1) Don’t worry about the Visa payment process, it’s almost instant, like all online payment should be, I don’t know why they put up that notice, maybe to dodge any responsibilities should a delay is to happen? But don’t worry, it is instant payment ^^.

    2) The orders do take a long time to be posted to me, despite they use EMS, and the high postage that comes with this premier service; it’s mostly due to their internal distribution system, they just take a long time to get your items ready. They also give you 1 day after you place your order for you to cancel or change anything, I really just wish they ship as soon as I click “submit”.

    Mine generally arrives in about 5 -6 business days, so approximately over one week. But I suspect for deliveries to Singapore, it should be a lot faster 🙂

    3) Because I order things from them SO OFTEN, haha, they still sell the cheapest Albion products I can find anywhere on the net, and usually Medicated Sekkesi (spelled wrong?) is cheap too; so I only need to order one box every time.

    4) Here’s the link for the mask, love:


    They often have promotions where you get one box for free, when you buy two boxes. So wait till then to stock up 🙂

    5) I gave up all the beauty programs on Taiwan TV… they are just soooo filled with hidden agendas and product placements… I can probably learn some techniques, but the products they recommend… I just don’t take anything in… Their magazine is even worse… sigh. But it’s good entertainment 🙂

    Hehe, happy shopping on BGO, and let us know if they can be a reasonable substitute to those expensive Japanese inventions.

    • Flitter Jae said, on October 1, 2010 at 12:41 pm

      Omg, that’s a lot of info, thank you so much , sweetheart! ♡ I’m really excited about buying from them now…

      5-6 days…. I’d expect it to be around the same time frame for us as well then… Haha, I’ll definitely try out the sponges now~! I think I might want to order at the end of this month… :3 WAAAAA! [T.T] Thank god their prices are pretty low!

      And -laughing- totally! The last time, I got duped into getting a hair curler that they had on the show… It looked SO easy when they used it but then when I received it, it was plasticky, felt really cheap and was really hard to handle… T_T I bought it from their website somemore… Horrible stuff. And haha, I’ll definitely be back with more reviews~~~!

      -sends milk and cookies-

  3. j said, on October 4, 2010 at 12:16 am

    hmm, is a sponge necessary in applying liquid foundation ? :O never used one :X

    • Flitter Jae said, on October 4, 2010 at 1:22 am

      XD not at all dearie!!!
      Some people use their fingers for it but I use sponges cause I’m lazy and don’t want to get my fingers dirty :3

  4. […] 20 cent amount on my palm, dot it on my cheeks, nose, chin and forehead and then spread it with my TOFU Makeup Sponge but when I’m REALLY lazy, I’ll just spread with out with my fingers. Yes, I still get […]

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