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Chocomint Attack [Review]

Posted in Chocomint by Jae on October 8, 2010

My latest chocomint order! Oh my goodness, I went crazy with this order because it was the last day and I’d completely forgotten about my shopping basket. When I’d gotten back to it, I saw that about half the items I wanted were already out of stock.

-laughing- It’s really like I’ve been on a roll with shopping online!

Everything’s just so sweet and cute! I’ll show you!

Come on, if that isn’t cute, I don’t know what is – it’s just sweetness overload. One thing though, the pouch walls were pretty thin so although I’d originally planned for these to be my makeup pouches. I’m thinking twice now cause I can’t risk my blushes getting smashed… Hmm… Then again, my current pouch is pretty thin too so maybe I’ll give it a shot because it’s long enough for my HR and Maybelline mascaras to fit it without a squeeze.

Oh, and my brushes managed to fit too! -tilting head- hmm!

One thing though, the zipper for this is supposed to be polished gold but it’s clouded over… Maybe that’s why it was on sale. T_T

Super cute pink ribbon bow pins! I know I know, you might be wondering why I bought these pins but I recently bought this really nice black organza skirt with little skull prints so I’m going to try out an EGG inspired look really soon!

The bows were secured to the pins really well so I’m not worried about them dropping off at all. d( ^ . ^ )b

I bought a handphone charm as well… Although I can’t have accessories on my iPhone, I just couldn’t resist… Maybe I’ll put this on my makeup pouch instead! (Yes, it was an impulse buy)

Yes! Stars! Haha, I managed to get my hands on one gold and one black ring! The limit was one each

(ToT)/~~~~~ whyyyyyy~~~~

Mmm… The way you put this ring on affects how it looks –  so you have to slide it on right side up for the star shape to show… Kind of funny to me but I’ll live with it! XD

Hehe, overall, I think it’s a pretty darn good haul! Shipping took a week this time but seeing that they probably were faced with an increased volume in sales, I’d say it’s pretty darn quick! Haha, EMS rocks!


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