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Diamond Lash ナチュラルeye [Lower] – Review + Ideas on how to wear these!

Posted in Diamond Lash by Jae on October 23, 2010

And I’m back with more Diamond Lash but this time, it’s lower lashes! They’re fast becoming my favourite no-time-to-do-lower-lashes-individually lashes!

Hehe! I’ve come up with some tips on wearing these lashes so come on in and take a look!

Don’t they look a little long in the tray? -nodding- I thought so at first too but decided to try them on anyways.

Found that the fibers are moderately stiff but that’s okay because this makes application a lot easier! The tweezers will clip onto the fibers and lift them up with ease~ The best part? They keep their shape!

Notice how the lashes are actually in two? 🙂 I snipped the lashes into two parts to help with my application!

a: The shorter portion
b: The longer portion!

My friend mentioned that when I used part b, it was a little thick just a tad long so if you don’t really like very dramatic eye makeup, you might want to avoid using the longer portion.

That’s right, they’re really quite dramatic aren’t they? The lash band is clear though, so you won’t have to worry about them looking strange or looking like you drew your eyeliner on wrongly.

The best part is that the lashes can be matched with a lot of other lashes. Over here, I used a with my Melliesh lower lashes for a less dramatic look!

I’ll have to say using the shorter part makes my life a lot easier especially when I want to head out in a rush – I love the way the whole strip can just go on without any fuss… I didn’t manage to get a picture of using the shorter bit use at area b but I’ll see if I’ll be able to get one when I head out with them again soon! 😀

I really hope this helps you BB~~~

♡♡♡ Diamond Lash (ナチュラルeye) ♡♡♡

✔ Length: 10/10 [They’re extremely dramatic]
✔ Volume: 8/10 [If you use the entire strip, yup! Huge amount of volume!]
✔ Ease of application: 5/10 [I had to cut the lashes in half so… Haha, it was added work for me!]
✔ Reusable? Yup!
✔ Economical? Definitely! One strip into two! It’s perfect for me!

Definitely worth the money and most definitely one of my top favourites now!


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  1. Fel said, on October 25, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    hi may i know where you bought these lashes?

    • Jae said, on October 26, 2010 at 10:55 am

      Hi dear!
      I actually imported my lashes from Japan via my agent! ^_^
      Hope this helps!

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