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RMK Skintuner Smoother [[REVIEW]]

Posted in Hada Labo, Moisturizer, RMK by Jae on January 23, 2011

So I’m always talking about makeup and falsies and everything but you know as well as I do that the most important component of our makeup routines is moisturizing.

That’s right, our skin produces sebum on a regular basis but this isn’t enough especially since a lot of us use a variety of products and cleaners on our faces. In spite of our best efforts in finding stuff that’s ‘gentle’ on our skin, our natural oils will inevitably be stripped from our faces and need to be replenished.

So! Today’s review will be on a ‘moisturizer’, RMK’s Skintuner Smoother formula.

I’ve been using Chanel’s Hydramax Toner and Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel and both served me well up till this year when my face started to develop patches of dried skin around my cheeks and down my nose.

My skin had also become excessively oily and when I started to face breakouts on my cheeks and nose, I realized that since I’m back in Singapore and won’t be facing winter anytime soon, it was time for me to change my routine.

Now, in my intro, I said ‘moisturizer’ because we’d normally think that moisturizers come in the form of gels and creams but this one’s like Hada Labo. :3 Kind of like a liquid moisturizer.

I received RMK’s Skintuner Smoother as a sample from the set I received for spending over 200 bucks at their counter last year and was told by the sales assistant that it can be used on its own because it works very much like a lighter moisturizer and toner all in one.  I really needed something lighter for my skin and honestly, I didn’t think I could do with another gel product.

I have to say, I was quite excited at first because it sounded like an upscale version of Hada Labo so I figured, hey, maybe this would be twice as good? But hmm, I don’t really think so.

Started using this about three weeks back and have just been alright with it.

About the Product
The liquid in the screw top bottle pours out clear and I usually use about twice the amount you see in the image above. My sample came with a generous 30ML worth of product while the normal retail size contains 175ML.

Can be a bit of a pain. I used to spread my gel out with my fingers really easy but for this, I have to pat it between my hands first to thicken the consistency a little and prevent any of the liquid from dripping on the floor.

I usually use a clockwise patting motion very much like the method one would use with Hada Labo’s Lotion and as shown in Yui Kanno’s book.

The scent
Begins with a stronger citrus scent because of the bitter lemon and fades into pretty much nothing within a few minutes. I personally really like this because it’s the perfect way to perk me up (hurhur, this perhaps is the only thing I like more about it than Hada Labo :3)

The effects
My face definitely felt moisturized after every application but it does leave it feeling quite sticky the whole day which is quite disappointing. T_T I was hoping it would get better with time but the shine my face gets after this product just makes me scramble for my loose powder.

And when I wake up in the morning? I can’t bear to look myself in the mirror because my skin would be so shiny, it’d be ridiculous.

Surprisingly though, I haven’t experienced any breakouts or redness with it and it’s brilliant under my makeup base and foundation – like nothing at all which is great. It’s definitely super light.

But oh, I’ve got one more thing to complain about, the packaging.

Just like their liquid foundation and makeup base, I find myself wasting quite a lot of product because it’s really tough to control how much comes out of the bottle each time. They really need work on this department!

Overall Verdict
It’s an alright product with a brilliant scent and it doesn’t weigh down heavily on my skin but I might switch to Hada Labo seeing how this leaves my face feeling sticky.


Jae! Why’d you continue to use this even though you’re ‘just alright’ with it?
Well, our skin takes about two weeks to adjust to any new product, so I was giving this time to sink in -winks-

Would you buy it again?
Well… No. Partially because it’s so pricey and while it does wake me up in the morning, I could do without the stickiness! >_<


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  1. bones said, on January 23, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    you know?
    if you have dry skin, gel moisturizers are better. ^^

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