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Reshaping Falsies! [[TUTORIAL]]

Posted in Diamond Lash by Jae on February 1, 2011

And here’s another video but this time on reshaping falsies!


1) Is it okay to not reshape lashes?
Most definitely dearie! Honestly, I pretty much never reshape my lashes because the lash bands are so soft, they conform to whatever shape I pull them into. 🙂

2) Will the lash bands break?
It would really depend on the type of lashes you’re using babe but lash bands are usually quite hardy ^^|||

3) Can I do this with all lash bands?
I do think so, love! Just make sure you’re careful not to move the fibers around too much otherwise you might have to shift the actually fibers too. :3

4) I don’t do it like that.
^^||| Well dearie, different people have different methods of reshaping their lashes and this is just one method yeah? 🙂

5) I tried this method and it didn’t work out too well!
Hmm… Well, some false lashes are like that, unfortunately… No matter how you try to reshape them, they won’t go back to how they used to be but this doesn’t mean they cannot be used anymore!

In fact, I actually prefer my lashes to be straightened out because it grants me greater control over how the lashes are positioned on my lids. 🙂 Having the lashes in a set curved form limits the movement and it’ll be difficult to achieve different shaped eyes. -winks-

Hope you found the video helpful doll! ❤

My full reviews start again tomorrow – I’m loving the weather but darn, my swatches aren’t showing up too well!


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