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Jae’s 3D FACE CHART! [LIQUID FOUNDATION CONTOURING EDITION] [[Tutorial using RMK Liquid Foundation]]

Posted in RMK by Jae on February 10, 2011

Remember when I promised I would do a tutorial on contouring using foundation?

Yup, it’s time for that today!

I’m sure you’re wondering how that can happen.

Well, according to POPSISTER, it can, so check out the face chart I prepared below ❤

Click to enlarge~

We use a lighter shade of foundation for our t-zone and a darker shade around the rest of our face.

For my own face, I usually use 102 (my daily shade) on my t-zone and 103 around the rest of my face. Then I’ll use my loose powder over straightaway, skipping the NARS powder foundation step.

The areas marked out NARS refers to the NARS’ Powder Foundation that the tutorial in POPSISTER used. (I figured this face chart would be better than me just translating the entire tutorial)

In the tutorial you might have seen in POPSISTER, the product used is THIS ONE. It really is available in Japan but I’m not sure about how it translates into the coding for the rest of the world.


Jae, what shade should I use for the rest of my face?
About one to two shades darker than your original foundation, love~

What should I use to apply the foundation?
Well, I use sponges! You may also use a brush, I’ll suppose, but it might be a tad difficult to blend with a liquid foundation brush like MAC’s 190 – I haven’t tried this with a brush though so I’m not quite sure. ^^||

Alright then, what are the benefits of using this method?
Using different shades of foundation will make highlighting even more obvious because the base itself is already lighter to begin with (heh heh, the cheater method)

What do I have to take note of when using this method?
Blending! Blend blend blend the hell out of the edges so that there is graduation from your lighter to darker foundation! >_<

I don’t do contouring this way…
As I always emphasize in my tutorials, everyone has a different style and method of doing different things and I respect that. This is my personal method that I’m sharing! 🙂

Can I do contouring without having to use liquid foundation?
Definitely! In fact, I have another tutorial that makes use of shading powder rather than liquid foundation! ^^

And highlighting?
I’ve got a tutorial for that too. 😀

Why should I use this method then…
^^||| It’s not exactly a should or should not thing, dear… It’s just one of the other methods that we can try out, we’re all here to learn! ❤

Hang on a second, JAE!!!!!!! The coding for Japan and the US site is different?!
For some reason, products in Japan are sometimes coded differently from the products found elsewhere and NARS is one company that does this sort of funky coding…


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  1. sugar sugar said, on February 10, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    hi jae! this is really helpful. will try this soon! =) thanks for sharing.

    • Jae said, on February 11, 2011 at 4:29 pm

      Hey Sugar!!! ❤
      haha, no worries!!!

  2. berries said, on February 10, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    hey~ I’m really noob at contouring and don’t wear much base makeup to start with, but this was really interesting!

    I’m pretty sure Nars US and Nars Japan do the same coding but in Japan the only way to identify certain shades is with numbers, whereas in the US they use names. it’s time consuming, but if you add the item to your cart, and view it, it shows up with the item number, which happens to be the number that Nars Japan uses order the shades!
    its so painstakingly annoying to do, but i’m a loser and have too much spare time.
    i’m not really sure about the foundations, but the duo eyeshadows, blushes and lip glosses do work out the be the same shades! took me so long T_T i saw in Jelly that one of the top eyeshadows was a NARS duo, so did the annoying method and found that its called Surabaya. and another one in the Jan popteen was called Cordura (the one Mikipon used!)

    anyways, sorry for the loooong comment~
    Keep posting!

    • Jae said, on February 11, 2011 at 4:35 pm

      BERRIES! ❤
      Hehe, glad you found this interesting dear! And thank you for the info as well ❤
      Haha, don't say that sweety! You're not a loser!!! You're just very patient~ Unlike me, I'll never have enough patience for that, I'll just give up XD

  3. kelly said, on February 13, 2011 at 2:38 am

    wow! cool!! i didn’t know we have to use so many different foundations!

    i only have one. hahaha.

    • Jae said, on February 14, 2011 at 9:53 am

      Hey babe!
      -laughing- No need to use a lot of foundations actually, XD shading powder would do the job just fine but liquid foundation does give a nice effect! 😀

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