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Daiso False Lashes Select Transparent Cil #7 [[REVIEW]]

Posted in Daiso by Jae on February 11, 2011

I’m popping by in for a bit to tell you about Daiso’s Select Transparent Cil #7 love! They finally brought in some lashes with clear bands =_=|||

The first thing that will hit you when you look at these lashes would probably be how fragile they look. You know how they always say that looks can be deceiving? Well, that doesn’t apply here and I’ll explain why later.

I do believe that these were my very first pair from this range and I was very apprehensive at first about the quality of the fibers but they’re extremely soft and I was very impressed by that.

The fibers here are actually as soft as the ones from my Tanako Style lashes and that really is fabulous to me but I really hated that they were so thin.

The spine was surprisingly soft as well but it is flatter and thicker as compared to say, DUP lashes so when I applied the glue, I had to concentrate at an angle on the edge – the same problem I had with my Diamond Lash プリンセスeye lashes.

The curvature of the lash band was also a lot less severe as compared to any of my other lashes so this would be something to take note of if you prefer lashes to already be shaped.

The length of the lashes was almost right for me, thankfully (yes, as usual, I was in a rush and the glue had barely dried T_T) and I didn’t have too much trouble with applying them, except that it was a little iffy on my left eye because I didn’t hold it properly.

Very natural, they could definitely do with a little sprucing up with some additional half lashes for more oomph (Yes, I’ll be moving out of the ‘natural’ phase now XD)

One large and one small eye – I really need to stop rushing in the morning!

Jae, why’s it… One big one small?
Well, see how I positioned the ends of the eye on the left (yes, your left XD)? It’s tilted down but the one of the right was winged slightly further up.

My eyes are actually not symmetrical and this move actually played that up (-winks- I’m not perfect yeah XD).

It’s very important that I pay attention to the placement of the lashes because it will make or break the look altogether. -grinning- I’ll show you what I mean when I do another review on lashes soon okay? Promise.

Now let me tell you why I’m about to cut a lot of points of these lashes.

I removed my false lashes that night the normal way and started to peel off the glue my normal way and THESE ARE THE FIRST LASHES TO DIE ON ME!

PFFT! Like, 6 fibers dropped off from each side and I was so gentle! This has NEVER happened to me for any of my other lashes before so yes, you guessed it, I’m going to cut them up to figure out another use for them.

♡♡♡ Daiso False Lashes Select Transparent Cil #7 ♡♡♡
✔ Length: 5/10 [The length is fine :3]
✔ Volume: 3/10 [Not very much at all, really.]
✔ Ease of application: Moderate but if you’re just starting out and would prefer a stiffer lash band, then this might not be for you
✔ Reusable? Not for me, very obviously. =_= -not pleased- But if they go through alright with all these fibers, then yes.
✔ Economical? Since I can’t use them the way their supposed to be… Not to me, but if you get them to survive then yup.

Super natural stuff, it’s classic work or school play.

They died on me and I am not happy but really now, the overall design is just so-so. It’s not unique and you probably aren’t missing anything if you don’t purchase these.


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  1. serene said, on February 11, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    #5 is naturally nice too but to me its very hard to control & its kinda brittle… not sure if other transparent lashbones are more brittle compared to normal lashes

    • Jae said, on February 12, 2011 at 9:16 am

      T_T I know right…
      I hate the fact that mine came apart so quick!!!

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