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Posted in Mizuki Nishikawa, POPTEEN by Jae on March 8, 2011

And I’m back with part two of the interview!

I’m so sorry I’m taking so long by the way~~~ >_<

10) What was life like after you transferred out?
After my suspension, I spent the rest of the school year playing around. It wasn’t until I hit Secondary two that I went to my new school. Before I formally started school, I started hanging out with another rather money-conscious girl, we’d laze around at her place all the time.

When I got to secondary two, I dyed my hair gold (?) and did my makeup everyday. I did everything I wanted to do but somehow, I started to find having to go school very troublesome after a while and skipped school quite regularly after that.

I couldn’t go through with anything during that period, I couldn’t even hold down a job… Worked over ten (jobs) and never stayed at one for more than a week, I just couldn’t keep at anything for very long.

Surprisingly, when I applied for a part time store clerk position, I stayed at the job for three months! But just when I thought “I did it!”, the store manager told me he want me to start working full time. I thought to myself “I can’t do that…” and so I left the job.

Then I fell into depression and started to think that no matter what I did, I’d just fail in the end… Cause I was very deep into depression, I gave up on pretty much everything and just went around having fun. That was my worst period.

11) How did you spend your time when you were in depression?
I would always hang out in crowds during that period, the way I dressed was also a mess, I tried the ageha and ganguro look as well. I just wanted to keep changing the way I looked. To train myself, I tried so many types of hairstyles and different styles. I also went out a lot, I just didn’t want to go home.

12) Do you think that counts as your rebellious period?
Perhaps! If anyone asked about my personal stuff, I would get upset. Although I’d be happy to chat, if someone started asking a lot of questions… For example, if someone asked “Don’t you have to be in school?”, I would snap “Why can’t you all understand me?”, then get really antsy.

I knew going to school would have been better but school was boring as is and I finally hit rock bottom with my studies so I completely did not want to step into school.

I would attribute this to the initial high expectation I had of myself. But I love my mom and did want her to worry so I would always tell her where I was going.

13) So why did you start your blog?
Well, I started out writing on a mobile site, I wrote about beauty related stuff and then one day, I received a text that ran “Can you start a blog?” so I started the blog.

Somehow, my subscriptions went up to 6 or 7,000 and even I got a shock cause when I first started out, I thought “Ah, I wouldn’t be able to continue with this for long anyways.” But as my readership went up, I started to find blogging rather fun. And I thought of letting people into my life like a training programme of some sort (?) Like information to do with slimming and beauty, I just wanted to share it with everyone, so I held the fort down and had success with my blog!

14) When Mizuki takes an interest in something, she’ll put everything into it?
That’s right! I won’t have the motivation to do anything otherwise! Like blogging, I would go through my previous entries and think “Ah, I was pretty good that day.” Or “Yikes! I was quite annoying that day huh!” or “How can I make it better?” etc, I’d experiment continuously… And feel great!

In the past, I used to think “using a black eyeliner to fill in my entire eye and using false lashes is enough”, but now I’ll think deeper. “I should put my liner on this way to make my eyes appear more alive”, after much experimentation, my thinking changed too!

15) When writing your blog, what are the areas you pay special attention to?
Cause I wanted my posts to make everyone feel happy, I never posted anything about my depression. Though I was quite ill when I first started my blog, I told myself I had to stick to this rule.

When writing, I would continuous think about the best way to convey the message to my readers. When laying out my posts, I’d spend a few hours checking my content and thinking and rethinking my content, I think I developed an obsession with my blog –laughs-

16) What changes did you develop after starting your blog?
I didn’t used to like to express my emotions but through writing, I found my voice. My mood also got a lot better!

17) Can you summarize your personality in a phrase?
-My god, there’s no direct translation for this phrase she used-
I was very go-with-the-crowd and concerned about how people felt so much of my own opinions, I’d keep to myself.

18) How were you talented scouted for POPTEEN?
Well, I received the invitation through a comment left on my blog, I thought it was a prank at first but after asking around a lot, I started to think it might have been the real deal.

The day after received the comment, I got stopped by the POPTEEN crew while shopping at 109. The crew member said “We’re doing a street shoot right now, would you like to try” and I immediately replied “I got your message yesterday!” could this be fate? –laughing-

At that time, I had also gotten offers from other magazines, but I didn’t like to show my face and didn’t think that I had enough to appear so I rejected all of them. But because I grew up with POP and loved the magazine, I felt it was fate and decided to give it a shot.

19) Was your first shoot fun?
In the same day, we did a fashion shoot and a “what’s in the model’s bag” shoot! We first went to the studio for the bag shoot to drop our bags off, then we proceeded out for the fashion shoot, we later returned to the studio after the main shoot… That was the rough flow of events.

Because it was my very first shoot, I thought “So this is the flow for model’s shoots~”, it was all new to me –laughing-. This was actually a job too, so I was very happy.

It used to just be about hanging out near my place and doing the same old boring things with friends, now I was doing shoots, I felt like I was working hard, and because we had to move around a lot, I felt really tired at the end of the day! –laughs-


Once again, my japanese isn’t really great, so I might make a few mistakes here and there -bowing- if I do, I’m so sorry about that OTL.

And yes, the English is a little bit strange cause I’m translating back and forth. XD


*** If you’re looking for her blog: http://blog.crooz.jp/mizukitty1116/ *** iinm ❤


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  1. Serene said, on March 8, 2011 at 11:31 am

    Hie Jae! =) thanks for this post! Do you happen to have Mizukitty’s blog addy? TIA!

  2. sugar sugar said, on March 8, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    lovely post! mizukitty’s story is inspiring. (: thanks for translating jae!

    • Jae said, on March 9, 2011 at 9:39 am

      Hey Sugar~~~!!!
      Haha, yes it is… >_< The poor girl… And you're most welcome darling! ❤

  3. Sylvia said, on March 8, 2011 at 7:37 pm


    • Jae said, on March 9, 2011 at 9:40 am

      mizukitty mizukitty mizukitty mizukitty mizukitty mizukitty!

  4. Matilda said, on March 9, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    Thank you *__*

    • Jae said, on March 10, 2011 at 10:29 am

      Don’t mention it babe~~~! ❤ I had fun too! XD

  5. Rosely said, on March 10, 2011 at 2:12 am

    Hey jae. You know i’m from the us, I’ve got no idea who this girl is. Is she just a really famous model?

    • Jae said, on March 10, 2011 at 11:01 am

      Hey Rosely!!!
      Haha, no worries dearie, and you’re right about her being famous XDD
      Mizukitty is one of POP’s models right now and she’s one of the favourites so she’s more popular XDD

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