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Sunplay SPF 130 PA+++ Super Block Clear Finish [[REVIEW]]

Posted in sunplay by Jae on April 15, 2011

So I reviewed the spray mist version the other time and this time, I’m back with a review on the liquid version.

This is Sunplay SPF 130 PA+++ Super Block Clear Finish!

*** Product in this post were sponsored by THE SAMPLE STORE but does not affect the integrity of the review. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions :) ***

In case you missed my previous review on the spray mist version, head HERE! I’ve got more info about SPF and sunscreens in general there as well but just for good measure:

Things to note about SPF:
1) It’s a measure of the spectrum of UVB (and not UVA) rays you are protected from
2) It’s NOT an indication of the amount of time you can spend in the sun
3) Higher may be better but the difference between an SPF30 and SPF50 is 1% protection. Which is significant enough, I would suppose

Things to note about PA+ rating system (According to SUN1):

  • PA+: some UVA protective effect. PPD 2-4
  • PA++: moderate UVA protective effect. PPD 4-8
  • PA+++: good UVA protective effect. PPD 8+ [Nora80]

 Now, onward and forward!


Sunplay SPF 130 PA+++ Super Block Clear Finish is an extremely portable product measuring just 9cm, making it great for throwing in your bag and hitting the beach.

Now, I tossed the main packaging but I do remember that this version contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These are the ingredients that make up good sunblock (UVB protection).

This, like its spray counterpart, is also made in China, so just in case you’re interested, you might want to take note 🙂

This is the liquid formula so you’ll definitely have to get product on your hands.

And although the spout is relatively slim, it releases a generous amount of product every time so easy with the angle you tilt the bottle at!

Oh, I love that it’s a twist cap. No worries about your sunblock painting the insides of your bag white so long as you put the top back on well.

The product pours out white so you’ll definitely know how much product you’ve got.

When spreading the product out, I felt a little bit of a grainy texture? But perhaps it’s due to the granulated ingredients in the sunblock. 🙂

And with the slight white cast that it gives, it won’t be difficult to gauge if you’ve got enough product on though if you blend it out well enough, it’ll be pretty much clear 😀

Is it sticky? Well, it’s not gum-like sticky but you’ll definitely feel like there is product on your skin.

And yes, it leaves a slightly metallic smell (classic sunblock, really) so if you’ve got a sensitive nose, you might want to grab a sample before you buy!

They tout this as safe for the face and I tried it for a day but the grainy texture got to me so I stopped. >_< 

As a sunblock for the body, I’d be happy to use it seeing that it’s SPF130 and PA+++… With this rating, it’s supposed to be a pretty darn good product but seeing that (yes, once again) it’s long-term damage we’re talking about, I cannot attest to the effectiveness of the sunblock right now.

Hope this review helped~~!!! ❤

PS: I’ll be reviewing like, three more sunscreens in the coming week and all are available at Watsons so hang in there while I give everything a shot okay?!

PPS: If you’re interested in picking up a sample, head on down to their facebook page HERE to grab one!

*** Products in this post were sponsored by THE SAMPLE STORE but does not affect the integrity of the review. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions :) ***


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