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Avene Very High Protection SPF 50+ Lait/Lotion [[REVIEW]]

Posted in AVENE by Jae on April 20, 2011

So this is a sunscreen a friend of mine recently tossed at me to try. (Shoutout going out to JL for this!)

All I can say is that I’m glad neither she nor I actually purchased this (it was a “hand-me-down” from her aunt).

Today’s review will be on Avene’s Very High Protection SPF 50+ Lotion!

So this sunscreen is from Avene, the company that brought us that lovely thermal spray that, by the way, is now going for 29.90 SGD for two extra large bottles at Guardian and Watsons.

Avene has a number of sunscreens in their range that includes a compact powder and a spray-on product as well. Do note that not all their products are up on their website.

The product comes in a 100ML soft squeeze tube with a snap open-and-close cap.

This may prove tricky when traveling because the top might pop open and leak all its contents out all over your stuff. (And then there’s the problem with its consistency but I’ll get to that later) So do take care if you plan to take this out with you.

This sunscreen is made in France, in case you’re interested.

This lotion is meant to give very high protection with a protection range of SPF50+.

It doesn’t use the Japanese PA+ rating method but it states that it provide “broad UVB and UVA protection”. I cannot attest to either because I can’t test it out but I can tell you that:

1) It’s meant for sensitive skin (duh)

Didn’t get a reaction on my limbs but it would still be wise for you to do a patch test before purchasing it.

2) I found it too runny from the tube

It was a living nightmare for me because I had to control how much came out by the angle it was tilted at even though it’s a squeeze tube! When too much came out, it would make a mess all over the opening and I’d have to clean the product up. Such a hassle!

3) I personally found it hard to spread
Because of its consistency. Let me show you:

It dried too quickly and it was terrible for me because I applied it all over my legs and kept having to go back for more product.

4) It left a white cast

A distinct white case was left behind right after application but faded when it dried 30 minutes later.

4) Even after it could no longer be spread, it left heaviness and stickiness behind.
I’ve used this for three days (I really don’t want to use it anymore, it’s torture) and yesterday was the worst because it was hot and humid.

If you’re like me (cannot stand heat) and plan to wear this out on a hot sunny day, you might find yourself wanting a shower after five minutes. I couldn’t take how heavy it felt on my skin.

I do a lot of walking on a daily basis and having this on made me feel like I had not showered for a long time.

I did try it in an air-conditioned environment and though it did not feel as heavy, there was drag when I ran my fingers down my skin.

5) It’s not oily. Just draggy.***
*** If you’re in an air-conditioned room, you’ll do fine but if you’re outside, then this doesn’t apply.

6) The heaviness does not come off even if you wash your skin.
Use soap. Because the heaviness and drag remained on my skin even after I tried rinsing it off.

7) The smell is bearable. After 40 minutes.
It just smells like hand soap but when I first put this on and sniffed it, I felt like I got punched in the nose.

It’s strong when it first goes on but fades after a while. Make no mistake though, the scent lingers even after 40 minutes, after which it tones down.


1) Would it help if I used less sunscreen? Then it won’t be as sticky right?
According to AAD, the recommended amount of sunscreen to cover the entire body is a shot glass sized amount, love. And it’s always better to apply more than less when it comes to sunscreen, otherwise it defeats the purposes of using sunscreen altogether.

Many people use too little sunscreen because they want to avoid stickiness or the white cast that some sunscreens give but let’s not risk premature skin aging!!! >_<

2) Jae, why are you on a sunscreen roll?
The weather’s heating up as we’re coming out of the monsoon season so we’re going to be exposed to a lot more direct sunlight now. I should have covered sunscreens ages ago but never really got down to it. We should be wearing sunscreen all year round!

3) I don’t get the SPF thing… Is there a difference?
There certainly is! Swing by THIS post for a little more info on SPF and the works, dear!

4) Do you have anymore sunscreens you plan to review?
Just one more, dearie! 😀 I’ll be back to doing makeup review after that XD

5) I disagree! I love this sunscreen!
Well this review is based purely on my personal experience with the sunscreen, love… ^^ everyone has different experiences because different products work differently for different individuals and I’m glad it works for you! ❤

6) Your final verdict?
As the name of the product suggests, this is supposed to be a lotion formula but Avene’s Very High Protection SPF 50+ Lotion is too heavy and draggy for my personal liking.

It doesn’t serve my purpose of being an outdoor sunscreen at all so no, I’ll probably never ever buy this.


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