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[SPONSORED] CandyDoll Lipgloss (コットンキャンディ) (Cotton Candy) [[REVIEW]]

Posted in Candy Doll by Jae on May 2, 2012

🙂 Along with the package that contained my CandyDoll Ramune Pink lipstick, M.O.S.S also sent me another new product from CandyDoll.

Introducing, the CandyDoll’s newest gloss to the range, CandyDoll Lipgloss in [コットンキャンディ] (Translated: Cotton Candy)!

*** Products used in this review were sponsored by M.O.S.S. but do not affect the integrity of my work. For more info, pls feel free to email me at smashedmakeupbag@gmail.com ***

(コットンキャンディ) (Cotton Candy) is the one of the two newest edition to the family of six CandyDoll glosses.

The other gloss is ジューシーチェリー or Juicy Cherry which is a rich reddish gloss.

Nothing remarkable about the packaging.

A slim tube with a twist cap, the design of the cap is exactly the same as the lipstick and presents the same set of problems with wear and fading of the silver print.

A simple sticker at the bottom indicates the brand name, shade, sensitivity warning and address of the company.

Perhaps the most perplexing thing about the label is the lack of info as to how much product there is in the package. The back of the other glosses say 6.4g but I do wonder if that is the total weight of the product plus the packaging or just the product inside.

Measuring approximately 9.8cm, the gloss is standard sized and fit decently into my evening purse.

It comes with a relatively short wand (makes for easy application) and at the end, a doe foot applicator.

I especially like that the applicator is the furry cloth type because it feels a lot better on my lips (no, I don’t use lip brushes for my glosses – I don’t share them :3)

コットンキャンディis an almost reddish-pink product which, depending on your original lip color, is relatively opaque.

It features tiny glitter bits that, surprisingly, do not feel gritty on the lips and are barely noticeable until scrutinized.

Only applied the gloss to the bottom part of my lips for comparison.

The gloss was not drying – a huge relief to because I’m prone to having flaky, dry puckers.

Not much trouble with visible lip lines either – in fact, it smoothed my lips out pretty well.

It was not very sticky, which made the staying power all the more surprising.

I had the gloss on for about three to four hours (no eating + not much drinking) before it started losing its sheen.

Jae’s Voice:
I have heard some negative things about CandyDoll glosses before. Some girls have complained about lip lines becoming excessively visible etc so I would suppose I lucked out on this and got a colour that suits me well.

As with all my reviews, I encourage you to head down to the stores to try the product out for yourself before purchasing anything. Remember that what works for one may not necessarily work for another.

Girls with sensitive lips would do best to conduct a small patch test before applying anything on their lips.

CandyDoll is available at 50 Watsons branches, islandwide including Raffles City, Ngee Ann City and Bugis Junction. 🙂

*** Products used in this review were sponsored by M.O.S.S. but do not affect the integrity of my work. For more info, pls feel free to email me at smashedmakeupbag@gmail.com ***


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  1. Sylvia said, on May 2, 2012 at 8:39 am

    I swatched this on my hand in NAC’s Watsons and I was so tempted to get it… But is the color extremely sheer and unnoticeable? Great review btw 😀

    • Jae said, on May 3, 2012 at 12:41 pm

      Yeah… The gloss is pretty sheer, isn’t it?
      And 😀 thank you darling! ❤ -hugs- How've you been?

      • Sylvia said, on May 7, 2012 at 11:19 pm

        Hahaha aww!! Pretty much meh-ish. It’s my O levels this year and I’m pretty much reluctant to study hard 😦 Hehehehe. 🙂

      • Jae said, on May 8, 2012 at 2:02 pm

        Omg, do your best, dearie… Haha, it’s okay! I know I used to leave my studying to the very last minute as well… 🙂 So long as the method works for you, doll! 🙂

        GANBATTE NE! And good luck for your exams, sweets…

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