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Rimmel Chocolat Sweet Eyeshadow Palette (03 – ピンクブラウン系) [[REVIEW]]

Posted in Rimmel by Jae on May 9, 2012


😀 Hope you enjoyed the Jelly scans from yesterday! 🙂 I’ll actually have more scans of other magazines coming up so stay with me alright?

Now, a couple of months back, a new palette surfaced on my makeup radar and it’s none other than リンメル ショコラスウィート アイズ! Rimmel’s Chocolat Sweet Palette in 03!

How Jae uses the palette. 

*Shoutout going out to ma Giraffe for picking this up for me in Japan!!!*

Rimmel is known for releasing makeup products that are exclusive to certain countries and this palette is no exception.

Available only in Japan, the palette is one of a series of five palettes.

I’m not sure why makeup brands like to make things country exclusive because quite frankly, it’s only limiting their market, but I do suppose it’s a form of strategy to boost sales.

Made in Japan, the palette comes with 4.6g worth of product and retails for 1,680 Yen.

This roughly converts to 27 SGD for 4.6g. Compare this price to the sometimes less than pigmented likes of MAC’s eyeshadow pots, which only has 1.5g of product for 28 SGD. I’ll pick Rimmel any day.

Every palette from the Rimmel Chocolat Sweet range comes with five colours and a sponge applicator.

This is based on the concept that you only really need a few colours to form a solid look: Three base colours (highlighter, mid and base), one liner colour and one glittery highlighter colour.

To use these colours, Rimmel suggest this method:

I have a slightly different method but I’ll get to that a little later.

One of the other selling points of this palette is that it’s scented.

Open the box and you’ll smell the chocolaty scent right away. Do note that the scent fades away pretty quick though, my palette became scentless after a few weeks of usage.

The little dots on A that you see are actually bits of the product that I accidently scraped off while opening the palette.

And if I have one complaint about the palette, it’s got to be about how difficult it is to open it. It comes in a snap close box and it’s can be a royal pain in the neck if you’re not careful.

Under shade

This has become my new favourite palette because of how pigmented and versatile is it.

I’ve used A as a base colour for my BYS eyeshadows as well – review for that coming soon. -winks-

Directional sunlight

Each colour is buttery smooth and so extremely pigmented, I only need one swipe with my eyeshadow brush and it’s enough to cover my entire lid.

I’m not sure why my camera couldn’t capture it but A is actually slightly pinkish, which makes it an extremely sweet base to use.

I was a little apprehensive about using any pink on my lids at first because I know how it can make my eyes look swollen (almost like someone socked me in the eye), but A was surprisingly sheer, so no trouble here.

This is how it looks when it’s sheered out.

And when used on the eyes:

🙂 Yes, I’ve been using it for some time now.

To date, no creasing. It’s a very lasting product and I’ve had days where I had to be up at 9am, all the way till 11pm and right up till then, my eyeshadow looks fresh.

Granted, it’s another neutral palette but if you travel a lot and don’t want to have to bring multiple products with you, then this palette might be for you. It’s small and packs a real pigmented punch so it goes into bags real easy as well.

Definitely a rebuy worthy product, I’m prepared to get backups of this palette because of economical it is.

Like I always say, it’s important for you to experiment to see which method works best for you. There is no one fixed rule/way to do things but I do hope this will help you!

The way I use the palette :

First, apply A on the whole lid.
This colour is light and shiny, so it creates a base for the rest of your shadows to stand out. I usually try to make sure it shows a little over my eyes when I open them.

Next, apply B to the whole mid section.
This creates depth.

Then apply C to the lower half of your lids, closer to your lashes.
This gives the gradient more layers and will look better when you close your eyes. Remember, how the shadow looks when your eyes are lowered is as important as how it looks when your eyes are open.

Last, apply D to the outer corner of your eyes.
I prefer not to line my whole lower part with dark shadow because I feel it makes my eyes look smaller.

🙂 So there you have it, my loves! Give it a try and let me know how you go with it!


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