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Yui Kanno’s Second Book: URAYUI♥ [[SCANS]]

Posted in Square Enix, Yui Kanno by Jae on May 12, 2012

🙂 So you’ve been reading my blog for some time now and you know my favourite model of all time is Yui Kanno!

Known for her modeling stints for POPTEEN, POPSISTER and Liz Lisa, Kanno-san has established herself as one of Japan’s finest models.

With her makeup brand Melliesh and accessory brand Crayme, under her belt, she’s published her second book, URAYUI♥

🙂 And I have scans for you.

This book is a lot more personal with a lot more text than images.

It covers how she’s been, her family, her failures and even what she thinks about her AB blood type. -laughing- It’s really interesting because the Japanese believe that your blood type determines your personality.

In case you’re interested in ordering a copy of the book:

ISBN No: ISBN978-4-7575-3385-1
Publisher: Square Enix 

Price @ Kino: 31.50 SGD

You’ll have to ask for the staff to order this book for you cause it’s not available on the shelves at the moment 🙂

Jae’s Voice
Remember that I don’t do posts on Sundays so I’ll be back again on Monday! -hugs- See you then and have a great weekend, my dear~


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