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Angelcolor Perfect Keep Finishing Powder [Multi Natural] [[REVIEW]]

Posted in AngelColor, AngelColour by Jae on March 6, 2011

-laughing- I get this feeling that every time I suddenly disappear for a long time, readers get really happy because it means when I come back, the product will be some bizarre item and guess what, you’re right!

Today, I’ll be reviewing a loose powder that’s been recommended by models from POPTEEN and EGG for the longest time, Angelcolor Perfect Keep Finishing Powder [Multi Natural].




🙂 For those of you celebrating the new year, here’s my presento to you! ❤

This is 21 pages of February issue of POPTEEN 2011!

This entry also includes my commentary on the ranking of the top products as featured by POPTEEN and my own reviews of the products that were recommended by them.



AC Makeup Spray Launch!

Posted in AngelColor by Jae on August 1, 2010

In a collaboration with our beloved SBY (yes, the lovely shop at the top of the Shibuya109) ACcosme’s come up with a new product that’s supposed to keep your makeup in place!

Yes, it’s a makeup setting spray!


Jae’s Voice: Which spree first? ♡

Posted in AngelColor, Candy Doll, Chacott, Chocomint, Diamond Lash, MELLIESH by Jae on July 24, 2010

I’ve been harboring the idea of opening a spree for a while now cause I’m after so many items, my list is exploding but I can’t decide which one to open first… So I’m seeking out your answers~! ❤

Which spree do you want first? You’ve probably seen my little poll at the sidebar so hang in there while I explain what I’ll be spree-ing for exactly.


The Great Loose Powder Battle (AngelColor VS Chacott VS CandyDoll)

Posted in AngelColor, Candy Doll, Chacott by Jae on July 23, 2010

I’ve been doing posts on loose powders from Japan so I decided ah what the heck, I should do a round up of all of them, shouldn’t I? No wait, make that a little battle.

Today’s post is a comparison between AngelColor, Chacott and CandyDoll. Sit tight and get your powder masks ready, I’m about to dive in head first into loose powder territory.



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AngelColor Loose Powder – Light Natural

Posted in AngelColor by Jae on July 19, 2010

And…. I’ve got more loose powders here! 😀 My best friend brought this back for me on her trip to Osaka (showing that Tokyo isn’t the only place you can get makeup) and I’ve tried it twice so far and haha, so far so good but it’s really too light for me… Argh. Wish it would work for me though…


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