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Daiso False Lash Cases!? (PLUS! What’s coming up next!)

Posted in Daiso by Jae on June 1, 2011

That’s right. Found a super good false lash storage solution when I popped by this week!

😀 Here’s my collection of Daiso’s False Lash Cases! 😀



Diamond Lash モデルeye [Lower Lashes] [[REVIEW]]

Posted in Daiso, Diamond Lash, Dolly Wink by Jae on March 31, 2011

-nodding- Yup! I’m back once again and this time, it’s with a lash review! ❤

This time, I’m talking about yet another piece from the pink tray series: Diamond Lash モデルeye!

Some of you have mentioned that you don’t know when to check my blog XD well I usually wake up a little later these days so my reviews might hit the press more around lunchtime so you can check it over lunch yeah? 😀 (Yes, I’m having my brunch as we speak XD)


Daiso False Lashes Select Transparent Cil #8 [[REVIEW]] [[Looks like Diamond Lash (ドーリーeye)?!]]

Posted in Daiso by Jae on February 16, 2011

Daiso is a haven for false lashes now, I went down yesterday and more falsies fell into my basket. I swear I don’t know how that happened.

Today, I’ll be reviewing a pair of lashes that might be my new favourite Daiso lash of all time (until the next one comes along because I change favourites like I change clothes) because they look a little like Diamond Lash (ドーリーeye)? I’ll explain later.

This is the Daiso False Lashes Select Transparent Cil #8.


Daiso Daily Cross Type A Lashes [DUP 902] X Select Transparent Cil #10 [DIAMOND LASH 小悪魔EYE] [[REVIEW]]

Posted in Daiso, Diamond Lash, DUP by Jae on February 12, 2011

So I promised you I’d be back with a review after my dental appointment and well, I’m late :3 To make it up to you, I’ve made this an I-kid-you-not-this-is-huge super jumbo sized review with two reviews in one to make it worth your wait. -winks-

I’ve found a possible dupe for DUP 902, which is the base of Mizukitty’s look.

That’s right, today, I’m doing reviews on both Daiso Daily Cross Type A Lashes and (also from Daiso) Select Transparent Cil #10!



Daiso False Lashes Select Transparent Cil #7 [[REVIEW]]

Posted in Daiso by Jae on February 11, 2011

I’m popping by in for a bit to tell you about Daiso’s Select Transparent Cil #7 love! They finally brought in some lashes with clear bands =_=|||


Daiso Volume Long Straight Type D x Tanako Style [[REVIEW + TUTORIAL]]

Posted in Daiso, Dolly Wink, Takano Style by Jae on February 3, 2011

It’s been so long since my last lash review, hasn’t it?!

-grinning- I’m back with a lash review today babe, right in time for the New Year – just a little entertainment for you while you’re out visiting.

Ready? Let’s go!


Daiso’s Eye Brow Coat [$] x KATE Eyebrow Mascara in LB-1 [[Two in one REVIEW]]

Posted in Daiso, KATE, Kumicky, Palty, POPTEEN, Yui Kanno by Jae on January 22, 2011

Our brows are a very important part of our makeup routine (except that I’m so lazy I usually neglect it and hope that no one notices :3) especially when we dye our hair because most of us don’t dye our eyebrows along with it. One way to get around that is by using eyebrow mascara or eyebrow pencils or even powder.

I am a very very lazy person, so I just use eyebrow mascara.

Today’s review will be on two products! KATE’s Eyebrow Mascara in LB-1 and Daiso’s Eye Brow Coat!



🙂 For those of you celebrating the new year, here’s my presento to you! ❤

This is 21 pages of February issue of POPTEEN 2011!

This entry also includes my commentary on the ranking of the top products as featured by POPTEEN and my own reviews of the products that were recommended by them.



Daiso Volume Type Lashes B [[REVIEW]] IMAGE INTENSIVE!

Posted in Daiso by Jae on December 29, 2010

And today I’m going to talk about Daiso’s Volume Type Lashes B that I originally thought looked pretty similar to my Diamond Lash (ドーリーeye) lashes but was oh-so-wrong.

This post is image intensive!


♡ Daiso Sponge Cleaner [REVIEW] – Keeps your makeup tools clean! ♡

Posted in Daiso by Jae on November 9, 2010

Daiso is an awesome place to find great deals at well, 2 bucks a pop. –laughing-

I think it’s so easy to impulse shop there so I usually try to make a list of the items I need and spend no more than 15 minutes in there cause I know the longer I stay in there, the more I’ll be tempted to buy!

:3 I snuck in for a little peek at the eyelash stash today but it was for good reason! I checked if they had more of the lashes I did a review of the other day and surprise surprise, they were RESTOCKING AS I WALKED IN! What a bit of luck, right?

I grabbed two boxes as soon as I saw them and when I turned around, I saw bottles of this sponge cleaner, thought of my Tofu Love sponges and grabbed a bottle of this.

Talk about a great impulse buy.

This will be yet another image heavy post, sweety ♡